Tuesday, January 18, 2022


There is no record of wealth creation on earth that a man drank beer or smoked his life out to incredible wealth and prosperity. NEVER! 

If you have then prove me wrong. Beer and smoke is associated with the spirit of Poverty. And I mean deep poverty. 

Binge or moderate, you still end up in the same square. You live short of your full potential and dream life. The best part is, it is an habit. (and) we can change from habits and it will take a strong will power to do it. If you aren't, sorry fullness of life is an illusion. 

The only reason alcoholics can argue here is, the feelings of false sensations that they've reached the top of the world, and beer makes life so rewarding and they have great friendship. Whilst that may have some essence, that is all temporal. 

The reality is, no one celebrates happy feelings in a life time. 

There is a time to be rich and poor, born and die, being friends and at war, healthy and diseased. All these came about as a consequence of our decisions each day. The better the good, the ugly from the bad. There's no two way about this. 

You don't harvest apples from planting weeds. This is the biggest weakness cultured into the norms of our society. It is a death trap. 

The social safety of our citizens are de-fabricated by the alcoholic behaviors of our youths who are supposed to be the most productive citizen class than our aged. Celebrating success is not about drinking beer. That is euphoria. Real and lasting success is quiet. 

The neighbors don't hear about it. Success is a lifestyle. If drinking beer is your success then your real rewards will be enjoyed by others. You're only a convenience for others' greatness. 

The real sense of poverty hits you when you wake up from a deep sleep after a beer moment. Who would be honest enough to deny? Never please your social status more than your hard work for real success. 

Life is meaningless if you don't have goals. The wisest King said,' it is vanity. It is like chasing the wind'. By humility and fear of the Lord are riches and honor and life. (Pr 22:4) Did it mention beer? Absolutely not! 

A life of humility and fearing the Lord brings riches, honor and good life. Pride amounts to nothing! Don't be a celebrity of temporal success and euphoria.

Monday, January 17, 2022

CO-INCIDENCE OF LIFE! Have you taken note of the CO-INCIDENCE of Life?

What a life we live in!!

CO-INCIDENCE OF LIFE! Have you taken note of the CO-INCIDENCE of Life? We all have to be humble and have a low feeling of pride in ourselves, do you know
_ Church has 6 letters so does Mosque
_ Bible has 5 letters so does Qur'an.
_ Hate has 4 letters so does love.
_ Enemies has 7 letters so does Friends.
_ Lying has 5 letters so does Truth.
_ Hurt has 4 letters so does Heal.
_ Negative has 8 letters so does positive.
_ Failure has 7 letters so does success.
_ Below has 5 letters so does Above.
_ Cry has 3 letters so does Joy.
_ Anger has 5 letters so does Happy.
_ Right has 5 letters so does wrong.
_ Rich has 4 letters so does Poor.
_ Fail has 4 letters so does Pass.
_ knowledge has 9 letters so does Ignorance. 
_ Life has 4 letters so does dead.
   Are they all by coincidence? We should choose wisely. This means life is like a double edged sword.
    If you think it is your alarm that wakes you up early in the morning, then put it besides a dead body, then you will understand that it's by the Grace of God that you are even alive now. Happy Sunday God bless you all....🙏🙏🙏

Friday, January 14, 2022

Kina Bank Response to my Facebook Messages

 With frustration, I complained against Kina Bank Promise on Facebook.com that it servers the customer with priority.

Read the following messages, and please make your own conclusion.

These messages are sent to my private inbox, but I want to put this out in order to share with other customers out there, in case they have the same problem and communications happening. 

If you have the same problem, just inbox me at my FB

Hi Wewo, 

Thank you for your comment on our recent SME Facebook post.  

We're sorry to hear that we've not met your expectations on turn around times, we take pride in the service we offer customers both in and outside of the branch.  

So we can understand your situation better and then follow up on it, can you please advise which branch you applied for your Fixed Deposit Account, the date you applied and then also your personal contact details.  

We will then work with the contact centre to follow this up and find a resolution for you. 

Thank you Wewo.


10/11/21, 7:31 AM

You sent

Good morning thank you for your kind response.

Yes I opened my fixed deposit at Waigani branch. Opened it on-line so it went to Waigani branch (not Waigani drive ezlx anz bank but ex myBank office)

I have two issues that never been resolved in the past 8  months (since February 2021)

1. My fixed deposit account, there are two accounts with my name, first one is k.... and second one is k.....

........ is the person I submitted all the forms I filled out to. I went 3 times. And two times they asked me to wait then never came back, after 2 or 3 hours waiting. The last one the reason was Mrs Etna has moved to the other branch

2. My visa card I ordered with Reuben at the same Office. This was about 19 February 2021. This one never finalized to thai date..over and over I am told.come back again

We should not be ordered to.come back when there is no clear counter for cards collection. Individual staff should handle and submit to one counter for cards collection so we do not need to chase those individuals. This create potential opportunity for bribery.

This applies the same issue with my form submission for fixed depositals. They should not come back to me and say that ...... has moved. That is not my issue. my issue is I trusted my money with you and I need the certificate of the deposits. All banks the world will provide this within days only. Visa cards can be issued within weeks not months if not days.

I screen shot my savings and fixed accounts here. Please do help me follow this up.

Thank you very much indeed. And the God that I believe and serve for will bless you accordingly!

Wewo Kotokay



Hi Wewo,

Thank you for detailing your situation and we are very sorry to hear about this. 

We take pride in our customer service so we are disappointed to hear these issues you face. So we can help rectify this situation as soon as possible, we are going to pass your complaint to your customer service specialists and ask for a prompt resolution. In order to do that, can you please provide us your full name, account number, email and phone number. 

Thank you!


My full name: Wewo Kotokay

My accounts already in the photo but I type them now

A. 00ffffffffff Savings account Vision City Branch

B. 222kkkk Savings Wagani branch

C. 22kkkk Wagani branch

D. 224kkkkk fixed deposit K............

E. 22kkkkk fixed deposit K.........

My email: gggggggggggggggggggg

I prefer using ......................

Phone number: ................


You sent

My full name: Wewo Kotokay

My accounts already in the photo but I type them now

A. 001... Savings account Vision City Branch

B. 22... Savings Wagani branch

C. 224...Savings Wagani branch

D. 224.... fixed deposit Kffffffffffff

E. 22.... fixed deposit Kfffffffffff

My email:.....................

I prefer using ..............

Phone number: ........................



Great, thank you for providing all that information. We have passed it onto your extended team to investigate and will get back to you as soon as possible. We thank you for your patience.


10/15/21, 11:58 AM

You sent

Hi Kina Bank since 4 days ago I have not yet go back any progress. Thank you


Hi Wewo, 

Thank you for your recent message on our Facebook page in relation to card security.  We do take card security and the security of our customers very seriously. 

So we can better understand your situation can you please provide your full name, contact email address and contact phone number.  We will then arrange for someone to call you directly and discuss what you've experienced. 

Many thanks.


12/19/21, 12:43 PM

You sent

I am sorry to say that the best way is submit the case to police for investigation as it is also related to a trading a store here which gave out my PIN. Then the thief used it to withdraw my money. how come a trading store can find out my PIN number? K5,000 was stolen and bank cannot do anything with that store? To find out what really happened when the thief was doing transaction. That transaction was k1,000 then cash withdrawal some hours after that at kina Bank ATM two times, with k2,000 each withdrawal

12/19/21, 2:11 PM

You sent

I want to see this ...... trading store is related to the thief and how it relates to my previous cases of hacking into my on-line banking account that costed me more than that, which was also an Indian man. In that case according to Google report he lives in Madras India but kina Bank did not give clear explanation on what really happened other than blaming me for doing on-line transactions. Bank should know at least how the person hacked into my bank account. But I just left it like that. And now this is a second time they actually came into my house, stole my wallet with my visa debit card and used it. Indian identities in these to incidents may or may not be related but the main issue is Kina Bank stays in the position of blaming me for not careful with my card or my login ID, which I automatically know all about this long time in my life. I am not new with banks and how I should keep or deal with PIN number and login ID and password.


Thanks for the further note Wewo and we understand the situation you find yourself in is quite distressing and frustrating. 

Can you please confirm these details are still valid?

Kina Bank

My email: .................

I prefer..........

Phone number: ...............

Kina Bank

Once confirmed we will pass this along to our team for follow up.

You sent

Yes yes thanks that is Right

Kina Bank

Thank you Wewo, we've reported the incident now to the head of our contact centre.


Kina Bank: I Smell Something Not Good Inside the System

After almost one year I got this problem, I am able to push myself to come out and speak about some bad smell coming out from the banking system inside the Kina Bank. I am writing this experience in order to help other customers join with me and express our position to the government and to Kina Bank.

First of all, I want to explain to you why I opened my bank account at Kina Bank, and what happened at the beginning.

Well, I opened my Kina Bank Account in 2019 and it was very good that it had a very fast service. I opened my first Kina Bank Account at Vision City Branch and I found out that this is the fasted banking service of all Papua New Guinea.

It is good thing, I was proud to become one of the customers of the fastest banking service available in the country.

However, only after February 17th, 2021 I had the worst experience in my banking life. 

My bank account was hacked into, and taken over by someone in India. His name is Ashraf Mansoori with these two emails: illuminatiworkspace@gmail.com and worldhelporganisations@gmail.com

One very interesting question for me is this. There is an insider email, inserted by the server. It is cuffeamart@gmail.com. This email is totally an alien email, inserted by foreign invisible hands. I blame for the Internet Service Provider for the Banking System at Kina Bank is responsible for such an act.

How come the Bank Internet server can insert an email address that have never been inputted by customers?

On 13 January, 2021, I heard a woman talking to a Kina Bank staff at Waigani Branch office of the same incident. She said, the email address when I want to make Visa Card Online Purchase will appear and the email is not my email. Can you please fix this ? She asked. 

I have asked the same question, but never been resolved. Once they told me they will fix it, I submitted my Customer Instruction Letter and submitted to Kina Bank Vision City, Counter 3 at the Customer Service Section, but never been changed.

I will continue in next article on what happened with my hacked account number. 

I have two conclusions so far:

  1. First of all, the Security System at Kina Bank Internet Banking is very, very weak, and all customers should put pressure on Kina Bank to change the Central Internet Protocol from gangsters controlling it into a more civilized service provider;
  2. Secondly, maybe there is someone inside Kina Bank that cooperate with those in Indonesia, to leak out customer information,