What I can do to Help You!

There are at least 3 things that I can do to help you or to help myself.

The first and most important one for you! I can get you GO ONLINE! Yes, get online with YOUR OWN Domain Name!

I can register your domain names, Melanesian-Specific Domain names and host websites for you, for free for the first year (2022 is totally free)

Please note that I DO NOT register domain names that are not related to Melanesia such as democracy.org, deforestation.net, papuanewguinea.net etc. I only register domain names in local Melanesian languages, regarding the names of individual Melanesian person, clan name, village name, island name, tribe name, in local languages.

After registering your domain name, then I can host your websites at wordpress.com or blogspot.com, depending on what you prefer.

You or ask me to register your domain name here:

  1. https://buyselldomain.business
  2. https://cheaphosts.us
  3. https://8plus1.org/ (Online for churches: Church Workers, Church Denominations, Church Congregations and Church Ministries) 
  4. https://alpharesellerhost.com (Online for Business Owners who want to run Domain Registration Business) 
  5. https://wantok.click
  6. https://wantok.biz 

Remember, you have to buy your own domain name(s), and remember, you have to purchase the domain name at my servers below:

  1. https://wantok.biz/ (here you can buy your domain names and host your websites with very basic reseller hosting available here)
  2. https://wantok.click/ (register your domain names as well as wide varieties of Shared, Dedicated and VPS web hosting packages. You can also become domain reseller and web hosting reseller)
  3. https://host.8plus1.org/ (register your domain names and host your websites. You can also become domain reseller and web hosting reseller: cpanel hosting just like wantok.biz and wantok.click, reseller hosting, Master Reseller Hosting and , Alpha Reseller Hosting)
  4. https://host.yumiyet.com/ (register your domain names and host your websites. You can also become domain reseller and web hosting reseller: shared hosting, reseller hosting, Master Reseller Hosting)
  5. https://cheaphosts.us (register domain names and host websites. You can become reseller as well)

Please note the deal:

  • You register your domain name, pay the domain name with me;
  • I host your websites/ domain name for free

The Second One, after you own your domain name, I will help you get YOUR Online Business up and running. 

is I can help you setting up your Online Business under PAPUAmart.com LTD. products

  1. I can help you set up your online business for Melanesian Peoples
  2. that is, the domains in one of Melanesian languages, names of Melanesian islands, villages, plants, animals, spirits and materials, names of Melanesian clans, tribes, families, and individuals.

 Examples of "Melanesia-Specific" Domain names are as follows:

  • wantok.us
  • wantok.biz
  • wantok.click
  • melanesia.net
  • melanesia.news
  • melanesia.news.blog
  • melanesia.home.blog
  • melanesia.info
  • papuanugini.com
  • wamena.net
  • walak.org
  • tokpisin.info

Third, I Teach the Melanesian Philosophy for 21st Century Thinkers

I want to establish "Narokobi's School of Philosophy" in Melanesia.

In particular I want to see "The Melanesian Way Conservation" become mainstream conservation campaign across the globe.

This is about how Melanesian peoples perceive, view, understand the "self" and the "being" as beings, as individual, as moiety and clan at the beginning and later on as tribe and as human race. 
  1. https://wearenature.club
  2. https://melanesia.club
  3. https://melanesia.net
  4. https://wantok.us
therefore, I invite anyone of you, who are interested in this idea, please email me: info@wantok.us or WhatsApp: +78213007

I offer Special Packages for Christians in Melanesia

Please visit https://8plus1.org to read more.

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