Saturday, November 18, 2023

What is the secret of Master Chia’s hair?

Many students ask Tao Master Mantak Chia how he managed to keep his hair so great and strong despite his age ― in April 2024 he will turn 80!

Master Chia says the secret is simple ― the Microcosmic Orbit Meditation!🔥
Oftentimes the hair gets weak and falls because too much energy is stuck in the head for overthinking, worrying, and energy blockages in the body. The head gets too hot, overheats and hair just burns out and falls. Do you also have some issues with your hair? Share in the comments👇🏻
When too much energy is stuck in the head, it usually means that the Yin energy channel ― the Functional Channel ― is congested and doesn’t allow the energy to lower down by the front of the body and cool down the system.
Yang energy is very hot, and too much Yang energy stuck in the head for a long time could be quite dangerous for one’s mental and physical health.
Yang energy channel ― the Governor Channel ― flows from the perineum up through the spine into the brain. From there, it goes back down to the roof of the mouth.
The tongue acts like a switch that connects the Yin and Yang currents, for when it is touched to the roof of the mouth, the energy starts to flow in a circle up the spine and back down the front of the body. When this happens, Tao Masters say that the «Microcosmic Orbit» has been completed.
The Microcosmic Orbit is a cornerstone practice of the Healing Tao, as it constitutes a powerful tool to make one’s energy circulate freely, abundantly for greater health and vitality.
The Microcosmic Orbit meditation permits to harmonize Yin and Yang energies of the body creating greater balance and redistributing Qi, the vital force, to the organs and systems that need extra energy. When your Orbit is open, its vital current gives your cells the juice to grow, heal, and function.
☯️If you want to learn how to open your Microcosmic Orbit for a more vibrant living, we invite you to join Master Mantak Chia’s Energy meditation workshop on online (December 1-4) or on-site (December 1-5) in Tao Garden, Thailand.
In this workshop, Master Chia will also transmit energy to help you open and circulate Qi in the orbit.
Follow this link for details and booking on-site in Thailand:
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Lifetime access to recordings will be provided.
Welcome, and may the Qi be with you!🙏🏻

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