Saturday, May 14, 2022

INSTANT, Yes... AGAIN.... INTSTANT Issuing of Visa Card at Kina Bank, Vision City Branch

I have stated my frustration and complain against very late issuing of my Visa Card at Kina Bank Waigani Branch, Port Moresby Papua New Guinea. I said there that I telephoned and even IN boxed them on Facebook Messenger, and they expressed their regret and promised to fix it, but on all occasions they failed.

  1. It took me almost 1 year waiting for my visa card, which was then stolen a few months later on 1 December 2021.
  2. I has taken me almost 2 years now, after I submitted my Application Forms for issuing two Fixed Deposits that I already deposited some years back.
 Well, that is the bad news.

But there is a good news. That is the title of this note.

The good news is that Kina Bank, particularly Kina Bank Vision City Branch is the fastest bank in delivering services in all Papua New Guinea:

  1. The fastest in organising customers coming in
  2. The fastest in serving the Deposit/ Witdrawal section
  3. The fastest in issuing Visa Debit Card, and once more
  4. The fastest in opening Kina Bank SME Business Accouunt


Please note, I am writing based on my personal experience. None of the above 4 fastest ones are based on stories, but all based on my personal story. And again, please note, the experience I am talking here is not ones from some months ago, but something I just experienced within the first and second week of May 2022.


So, the reason I am writing this note is twofold. The first being to educate public in Papua New Guinea, who are doing banking activities that when you come to Kina Bank Vision City, I assure you that you will definitely get the fastest services every across Papua New Guinea.

The world's fastest delivery country is surely Hong Kong, then Singapore. Others follow far behind. And Papua New Guinea is the first one from bottom. Everything seems stay still, even though things are happening.

When you go to Kina Bank Waigani Branch, you will get very late and slow services. I am sorry to say this, but I cannot help stay back and do nothing about this.

I do not want to compare with the competitor bank, which has the longest queue in the whole world. And I want to say, that I did open a new account, applied for Internet Banking and Visa Card, but they told me to come a week later. I went back, then they told me to come another week again. They told me this after I had waited for almost 4 hours. Remember, I went there 7:AM even before that bank was opened. I was among the first customers lined up, but got the service almost 4 hours later.


So, my second purpose of writing this note is that Government officials, particularly Customer Service, Public Service Delivery Section or Banking Authorities should step in and help us speeding up the services delivery and help us experience what is the meaning of being citizens of an independent state called Papua New Guinea, let alone, the Richest Black Christian Nation on Earth, which I am sorry to say, but I am very embarrassed to hear this way of thinking.

Friday, April 08, 2022

I am waiting for the time PNG Declares West Papua as Her Ancestral Land

I am, and I know all communities of beings in this isle of New Guinea, are waiting for the time PNG Declares West Papua as Her Ancestral Land. The reason is simple: this land and island belongs to Melanesians, and not Malays.

The second reason is that God created Melanesians to live in New Guinea Island and not the Malays. It is not God's will that Indonesians are occupying West Papua, the half of all Melanesians home of origin. 

The third reason is that there is nobody in the whole planet every invited and accepted, legalized and approved Indonesian occupation over West Papua. The United Nations ONLY "Took Note" of the outcome of the Act of Free Choice in 1969 in West Irian. The United Nations knew very well right from the beginning that Indonesia violated all arrangements made in the New York Agreement 1962.

The last reason is that many Melanesians, many New Guinean Islanders, who share the same ancestors, homeland and race with Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Fiji, Vanuatu and Kanaky are right now being killed. More than 500,000 Melanesians in West Papua have been killed so far, mostly women and children. Many are displaced and took refugee in Papua New Guinea, in Manus, in Kiunga, in Vanimo, in Port Moresby, in Madang and in Lae.

We Melanesians are all originated from New Guinea Island. We started inhabiting Melanesian archipelago starting from West Papua. Our place of origin is right now being occupied. Our brothers and sisters are being wiped out from our ancestral land called New Guinea Island, in the western part of New Guinea.

Papua New Guinea is morally, spiritually, socially, culturally obliged and therefore responsible to declare West Papua as part of her own land, her own country, her own inheritance. Papua New Guinea is also politically and legally responsible to revoke the undemocratic and illegal occupation of West Papua by illegal colonialists who have come to steal, rob, kill and wipe out Melanesians from our ancestral land, which in some hundred years time, will also wipe out all PNG and her populations, which in hundreds of years time, will wipe out all Melanesians.

Sunday, March 20, 2022

Kotokay Responds: PNG is Totally Free Market Country

Johnnie T Esanko

Approximately 90% of businesses are foreign - owned so the profits are remitted offshore. Also a sizable portion of the workforce is made up foreigners who paid higher than locals, and they remit their income to their home countries. This is the one of the reasons the Kina is weak against the US Dollar and now we're experiencing rise in the price of goods and services ( Inflation).


Modern nation-states were established by colonial masters to keep us stay as slaves, not to become masters like them. We think we have independent country, therefore we have the right to be like foreigners. That is wrong! That was not the intention of setting up modern nation-states.

The banking system is the one that established modern nation-states, in order to keep colonial territories stay as colonized countries.
Unfortunately, PNG is the purest capitalist country, a country totally and fully controlled by markets, governments are just put there to guard the market, not to organise or rule the market. Her colonial masters of England, Australia and USA are not fully and totally controled by markets. Governments still control the markets. PNG? Not at all. No wonder our Kina fluctuates, copra prices fluctuates, coffee price go down and up the valleys, gold price and all prices in PNG are detrmined by markets. So what is the government for???????
Do we have brains to think about these all and do we have dignity to fix this?

Tuesday, March 01, 2022

Don't Promise, IF YOU CAN'T DELIVER: An Old Man Died After Being Promised by a Negligent Rich Man to Bring Him a Jacket

 So sad,

On a cold night, a billionaire met a old poor man outside. He asked him, "Aren't you feeling cold outside? and you're not even wearing a coat!" The old man replied, "I don't have a coat but I'm used to it. The billionaire replied, "wait for me. I'll just go home and get you a coat."
The poor man was so happy and said he will wait for him. The billionaire got to his house and got busy there and forgot about the poor man. The following morning, he remembered the poor old man and went out to find him but found him dead due to the cold.
The poor old man left a letter saying, "when I had no warm clothes, I had the mental strength to fight the cold, but when you promised to help me, I clinged to your promise and it killed my mental power."
Don't promise anything if you can't keep your promise. It may not be necessary to you, but it could be everything to someone else.
Some of us are just like this old man many people promise us things and forget about us.
When people promise you things it always ends in disappointment or disasters.
Some even promise and fail.
Let me tell you there is a demon behind it that makes your destiny helpers to forget you.
Don't ignore this powerful prayers.
Now my prayers for you reading this post as you share this to (5) different Facebook groups. before Friday next week. Destiny helpers from every directions that matters to your life will locate you and change your story. in Jesus name!

Saturday, February 26, 2022

Governor Gary Juffa on West Papua, Papua New Guinea and Ukraine, and Wewo Kotokay's Response

Gary Juffa's Statement on Facebook

Meanwhile I have a Melanesian question..

Any invasion of a nation will have strong concerns and opinions from various perspectives, everyone agrees. 

What I am curious about is the deafening silence from the same countries expressing grave concerns about the invasion of Ukraine who have said nothing about the invasion of West Papua. 

West Papua was invaded by Indonesia in 1962 where it is estimated more than 700,000 West Papuan Melanesians have died to date. 1st October 1962 to be precise. Illegal military occupation continues as we speak. 59 years and 4 months to be exact.

A sham of a referendum was held under the supervision of the UN in 1969, it was ironically labelled The Act of Free Choice. Here 1025 Melanesian elders were forced and intimidated with threats of extreme violence to vote on behalf of an entire peoples of more than 2 million to remain with Indonesia despite their desire otherwise. It was actually an “Act of No Choice”. 

And why were no other adult eligible voters allowed to vote and only 1025 adults chosen to represent an entire population of more than 2million with certainly more voters than just 1025 adult elders? This was a most unusual and perhaps undemocratic “Referendum”.

Almost every Western nation was there to witness this. Real information and reports of this awful act of brutal apathy are recorded if one cares to look. Extreme silence was the order of the day and days following, it seems. 

For 59 years and 4 months.

What is the difference between our fellow Melanesians in West Papua and the good citizens of Ukraine may I ask? 

Why is there no global condemnation and no prayers and no concerns raised for West Papua? What is happening in West Papua has evolved beyond an invasion to a full scale genocide of a people. 
Why is there not a single mention in western media about our Melanesian and Pacific people? Is it because we are an inferior people? Is it because they are not the right color or ethnicity to warrant concern by global authorities? 

Whatever it is, can someone in a position of authority please provide an answer to my Melanesian question?

Wewo Kotokay's Reseponse

Dear Mr. Gary Juffa, I Pray that Hon. Juffa will be as strong and as openly as Gov. Powes Parkop asks the concerned ministers in Papua New Guinea parliament and express this concern you are putting on Facebook into right place, to the right persons, in order to get the right response. 

 Otherwise, people will think this kind on note is only coming because of political agenda in this year of General Elections. I pray that God gives you bravery and confidence just like Governor Powes Parkop to speak openly, clearly, directly and confidently. Before that, I want Governor Juffa to dedicate some hectares of land for West Papua Refugees in Oro Province and call it West Papua town, and again, as Governor Powes Parkop has done. 

 I am a human being, born here in this planet Earth, on the Isle of New Guinea, to defend the rights of all communities of beings, including those in West Papua.

In a broader sense, we Melanesians do not have the gut and mind power and self-image on ourselves. We always look at ourselves based on images produced and given to us by colonial masters. We are looking at ourselves as West Papuans, Papua New Guineans, Solomon Islanders, Fijians, ni-Vanuatu and New Caledonian. We are not treating the problem in West Papua as our Melanesian problem, our problem in this Isle of New Guinea. We are looking at things based on the eyes and images of colonial masters. We are not free in our mind, perspectives and views on our own self. That is why when Americans say Ukraina is a problem, those divided and fragmented Melanesians also see and say the same. When they do not say anything about problems in Melanesia, are follow suit. 

Wake-up Melanesia! Get-up Melanesia! Stand-up Melanesia! Speak the Truth!, with no fear! Without hesitation! Raise Beyond Fear! Defeat the Devils and his kingdom called "Indo-nesia"

Others' Responses

You would think USA the so called World Police and the self proclaimed liberator of people would support the plight of the West Papuans but sadly it has nothing to gain from this exercise but has alot to gain from siding and arming Ukraine against Russia all for Wealth and Geopolitical power.

Yes, exactly, it's because the UN had then decided the fate of our fellow Melanesians,, the corporate world only care about resources. Long live West Papua n they will one day prevail. Merdeka Papua

29th September 1962, the UN Secretary General U Thant had made a private deal with Pakistan in May 1962 to supply the UN force that would occupy West New Guinea. In April 1962 the Secretary General got legal advice advising that irrespective what he & Indonesia wanted to call it, would be an exercise of article 81 (Trusteeship) of the Charter of the United Nations and therefore he needed General Assembly (article 85) authorisation of the proposed UN actions in the 'Bunker plan' a.k.a. 'New York Agreement'

Powerfully said Governor GJ. We need support our fellow brothers n sisters in West Papua. Permission to share please.


Monday, February 07, 2022

Kina Bank how are you and what are you doing with my Fixed Deposits?

Kina Bank WHERE IS my two fixed deposit accounts.certificates? I have the account numbers with me applied for certificate but for a year now where's is my certificate of fixed deposit, please?

It started in February 17, 2021, when my Internet banking was hacked into, and someone in Madras India was using my account to make transfers.

I reported to Kina Bank since then, showing my fixed deposit numbers, my three accounts and I managed to stop the money from being remastered out.

Interestingly my email accounts were also hacked so this guy was using my name asking Kina Bank to transfer money out.

I praise Kina Bank for very careful system being laid inside there. I am proud of it.

However I am now doubting what Kina Bank is really doing with my Fixed Deposits, two accounts ever since.

When I was Meeting the Kina Bank Internet security or banking Section they told me money inside fixed deposit are there. She even printed out the existing balance in my savings and fixed deposit accounts.

She asked me to fill in the form then she will issue the certificate for me. It was I February 18, 2021

Today I am writing this story on 8 February 2022, after I read advertisement of kina Bank at Facebook saying it is easy and it is save
i supplied regrets in one of the facebook postings and Kina Bank did respond saying someone will email me.

2 weeks later someone emailed me asking me to fill out the form and submit to her by Email THAT VERY SAME FORMS as I already submitted. I did not but instead I went to bank in late 2021, December 2021.

This time was a different person, a third different person. The first was, second and this time are all women. 

She asked me, "do you want your fixed deposit 1 month, 3 month or 1 year term?' I know this was badly a wrong question but I answered: 3 months term. Well by the time I applied at the beginning time, I did choose and determine the terms time, but why is she asking?

A month from it now, no certificate yet issued.

Kina Bank how are you and what are you doing with my Fixed Deposits?

Tuesday, January 18, 2022


There is no record of wealth creation on earth that a man drank beer or smoked his life out to incredible wealth and prosperity. NEVER! 

If you have then prove me wrong. Beer and smoke is associated with the spirit of Poverty. And I mean deep poverty. 

Binge or moderate, you still end up in the same square. You live short of your full potential and dream life. The best part is, it is an habit. (and) we can change from habits and it will take a strong will power to do it. If you aren't, sorry fullness of life is an illusion. 

The only reason alcoholics can argue here is, the feelings of false sensations that they've reached the top of the world, and beer makes life so rewarding and they have great friendship. Whilst that may have some essence, that is all temporal. 

The reality is, no one celebrates happy feelings in a life time. 

There is a time to be rich and poor, born and die, being friends and at war, healthy and diseased. All these came about as a consequence of our decisions each day. The better the good, the ugly from the bad. There's no two way about this. 

You don't harvest apples from planting weeds. This is the biggest weakness cultured into the norms of our society. It is a death trap. 

The social safety of our citizens are de-fabricated by the alcoholic behaviors of our youths who are supposed to be the most productive citizen class than our aged. Celebrating success is not about drinking beer. That is euphoria. Real and lasting success is quiet. 

The neighbors don't hear about it. Success is a lifestyle. If drinking beer is your success then your real rewards will be enjoyed by others. You're only a convenience for others' greatness. 

The real sense of poverty hits you when you wake up from a deep sleep after a beer moment. Who would be honest enough to deny? Never please your social status more than your hard work for real success. 

Life is meaningless if you don't have goals. The wisest King said,' it is vanity. It is like chasing the wind'. By humility and fear of the Lord are riches and honor and life. (Pr 22:4) Did it mention beer? Absolutely not! 

A life of humility and fearing the Lord brings riches, honor and good life. Pride amounts to nothing! Don't be a celebrity of temporal success and euphoria.