Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Subject: Notice of Complaint and Request for Investigation


I am writing to express my deep concern regarding what appears to be a recurring issue with my Visa transactions at BSP. I believe there has been a consistent pattern of erasing Visa transactions, followed by double deductions which has left me and potentially other customers confused and frustrated.

I have noticed discrepancies in my account statements where certain Visa transactions seem to have been omitted or erased, only to be followed by double deductions for the corresponding transaction. This has caused significant confusion, inconvenience, and financial hardship for me. Additionally, I have found it extremely difficult to validate my complaints with the statements provided, as they have been altered or partially erased.

I strongly believe that such practices amount to deceiving your customers and go against the principles of transparency, trust, and fair business practices. I am reaching out to express my concerns and request a thorough investigation into these matters. It is my hope that you take this issue seriously and take the necessary steps to rectify and prevent such occurrences from happening in the future.

I kindly request the following:

A comprehensive investigation into the erasing and double deduction of Visa transactions, along with an explanation for these errors.

A clear and concise response addressing my concerns and outlining the actions taken to rectify the situation.

Prompt reimbursement for any irregular charges incurred due to these errors.

Improved transparency in providing accurate and unaltered account statements to customers.

Assurance that measures will be put in place to prevent similar incidents in the future.

We would appreciate a timely response regarding this matter. It is our sincere hope that our correspondence can lead to a resolution, ensuring fairness and trust between both parties.

We also intend to escalate this issue to the appropriate regulatory authority if necessary, in order to protect the rights and interests of all affected customers. However, we hope it doesn't come to that and we can resolve this matter amicably.

Thank you BSP team for your attention to this matter. We look forward to a prompt response.

Yours sincerely,



Wednesday, August 02, 2023

Airileke: Melanesian Multi-Talented Musician

Airileke is an artist who has worn many creative hats across his decades-long career.

The Papua New Guinea-Australian grew up with the rhythms of his ancestry built into his upbringing. A talented percussionist, Airileke's connection with culture was intertwined with music from a young age, and became a career as he entered young adulthood.

The years that followed have seen him perform and tour with many globally recognised names including Drum Drum, Telek and members of Sanguma Band; as well as indigenous Australian pioneers including Yothu Yindi, Bart Willoughby and Gurrumul. As his artistry continued to galvanise, so too did Airi's love for fusing contemporary and progressive music, with the traditional Melanesian rhythms and beats that had raised him. Powerful messaging via music became an early driving force of Airi's creative pursuits.

Since 2016, Airi has been working on music and touring with the group Sorong Samarai – a collective of talented musicians and performers from the West Papua / Papua New Guinea regions, united in their drive to celebrate their culture, and bring more awareness about these great peoples, to a global audience.

Airileke takes Sosefina through his career in music and production for this week's show.


Saturday, July 22, 2023

New beginner-friendly Darkroom workshop in Tao Garden and online

Taoist Darkroom Retreat is the amazing 5000-year-old discovery of how total darkness coupled with energy meditations and intermittent fasting can deeply reset all your bodily systems, offer you physical and emotional rest like never before, supporting revitalization and healing process💫
Ancient Tao Masters came up with this technique by observing animals’ behavior: when an animal gets injured, it usually hides in a cave or any other dark place to heal its wounds and rebuild the body.
The same thing was observed with humans: people with mental or physical disorders got better or experienced a full recovery after spending some time in total darkness alone with their inner self and the Universe.
In fact, many spiritual traditions of the past have used the Darkroom technology to connect with the Universe within and without:
🔸Egyptians used the Darkrooms in the Pyramids to connect with other dimensions.
🔸The Essenes used the caves near the Dead Sea to reconnect with their hearts.
🔸The Himalayan Masters were using the dark caves of the mountains as places for ascension.
🔸The Hesychast Monks living in Mount Athos were using the caves to connect with the divine spirit.
So, what really happens in the Darkroom? When deprived of all visual reference, all your senses turn inwardly, and you descend into the void, deep, inner space, the cocoon of Nature’s original Darkness.
You discover deeply hidden, very intimate parts of inner self, and you get a chance to heal your wounds and traumas, get rid of fears and tensions.
Total darkness and meditations activate special centers of your brain — the glands of the Crystal Palace ― which allows you to access spiritual and psychic realms of consciousness, reuniting with your true self and Divinity within.
You literally start to conduct the universal energy. You may see into the past and future, understand the true meaning of existence, and begin to understand the order of things.
It is a very healing and life-changing experience🙏🏻
⭐️We are excited to tell you that this September Master Mantak Chia will hold a unique beginner-friendly Darkroom workshop in Tao Garden Resort (Thailand) and online. You can choose to join us for 4, 5 or 9 days. 

Book in Tao Garden with early bird: https://bit.ly/3K8PlQF

Book online with early bird: https://bit.ly/3K5M9F6

In Tao Garden this Retreat will take place in the unique Darkroom facility designed by Master Chia according to Taoist traditions. During the retreat, you will be completely free from any external light source and you will have 3 meals a day according to Taoist Pi Gu fasting diet.

On-site Darkroom has 45 places only!🔥

In case you join online, you will need to recreate Darkroom technology and Pi Gu at your place.
May the Qi be with you!🙏🏻

Thursday, July 06, 2023

Wise.com is Very Wise Indeed for My Financial Transactions Across Melanesia

In case some people might quickly think wise.com is the same is paypal.com, let us see the difference first:

What is the difference between PayPal and Wise?

PayPal and Wise offer different products or services, and thus have different fee structures. PayPal allows you to pay for purchases, but you can't transfer money to individuals with PayPal, whereas Wise lets you send money abroad, but doesn't have a purchase payment service.
27 Apr 2023 

I quote this directly from google.com search.

My Experience in Transferring Money in Melanesia

I have very bad experience in dealing with money and banks across Melanesia: West Papua, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Fiji, Vanuatu and Kanaky. Most of the experiences I am explaining here are from The Independent State of Papua New Guinea (PNG).

Experience 1.: They Asked me Where Did I get the Money From?

I went to the bank, wanted to deposit PNGK10,000.00 (In Words: Ten Thousands Kina Only), but they bank asked me this, "Where did you get the money from?"

Experience 2. They asked me to Deposit in Two Separate Slip, PNGK5,000.00 each slip

When I wanted to deposit PNGK10,000.00, then the banker told me to fill up two separate deposit slips, with each slip containing PNGK5,000.00. When I asked them why, they told me it is the bank's policy, they are just instructed to do so.

Experience 3. They told me I can only send to the same person with the Same Family Name

This happened with Western Union Money Transfer at Gordons, Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea. They told me that the person receiving the money, if he/she is your family, then the receiver should have the same family name. If not, they told me to say in the transfer that the receiver is not my family. 

Experience 4. Western Union PNG told me the limit only PNGK3,000.00

Other times they told me that the limit is only PNG3,000.00 and if more, I cannot send it.

Experience 5. I have to get my ticket before I report the bank to waive restrictions on my card to withdraw cash in other Melanesian countries.

The day before yesterday, I went to bank here at Vision City, Port Moresby and asked them to waive restrictions on my card in order that I can withdraw money from other Melanesian countries. they told me I have to provide my flights tickets in order to make it happen. 

12 months ago, I did the same thing, waive restrictions for 10 months in Indonesia, and they never asked me the flight tickets. So what is this? 

Now, what wise.com doing against these stories of experiences?

Wise.com is telling us now, here, FORGET ALL THESE HASLES and complications. Make your life easy and happy. Simplify your banking system and free up your travel restrictions.

So what is wise.com?

On its front page, we can read the following statement:

Save when you send worldwide

Get your money moving internationally. Save up to 9x when you send with Wise.

What does it mean?

I have said repeatedly to my colleagues, this is a product created by someone out there, who love humanity, who want to promote human rights and who is very wise towards humanity. Wise is the safest, cheapest and fastest money transfer worldwide.

I said it is created with humanitarian wisdom to help humanity, because with its cheap charges, every human being around the world can do financial transactions easily, cheaply and quickly.

I said it is cheaply, because the charge for transfer is not more than USD10.00 or around USD10. Many transactions with bank accounts cost between USD50.00 to USD100.00 and even more. Particularly in developing countries, this has been the most difficult thing to do. When people want to send small money, but sometimes the charges equal to the amount to be sent. This has now completely wiped out by wise.

I said it sends money quickly because it can send money within 1 second to some hours, but not more than 3 days, no matter week days or weekends. It always sends very fast.

I said it sends money easily because there is no need for showing many complicated statements, IDs, and procedures as we normally experience when sending via bank account. Both Online Banking and Onsite banking at bank counters do apply various procedures after queuing up for some hours before the counter. Now I can do it from wherever I am, at all time, and can send to everyone, all time.

What you can do to own a wise account?

  1. First of all, you can click here wise and then follow the instructions to register the account.
  2. Secondly, if you find it not easy, then we will do it for you: CLICK HERE. What you need to do is to provide us with your NID (both front and back side of your NID).
  3. Thirdly, please email us at papuamart@gmail.com

Tuesday, July 04, 2023

400 years ago, philosopher Blaise Pascal was one of the first to grapple with the role of faith in an age of science and reason

Portrait du philosophe français Blaise Pascal.
(Photo by API/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images)

 In an apostolic letter released on June 19, 2023, Pope Francis praised the “brilliant and inquisitive mind” of the influential French philosopher Blaise Pascal, born on that date 400 years ago.

When Pascal lived, at the height of the 17th century’s scientific revolution, rapid advances were taking place in all areas of science. Pascal’s significant accomplishments included one of the first calculating machines, the world’s first public transport system and various mathematical models, among others.

In fact, Pascal’s influence in the modern world extends so far that biographer James A. Connor wrote, “You cannot walk ten feet in the 21st century without running into something that Pascal did not affect in one way or another.” 

I am an expert in the history of Western philosophy. What interests me about Pascal is that he was among the first to grapple with the implications of modern science for religious faith and his scientific sophistication did not keep him from being a devout religious believer.

Religion in the age of science

Pascal was well acquainted with what could and could not be known through the mathematical method, the experimental method and reason itself.

Through his philosophical investigations, he found that there were strict limits to what we as humans could know. For him, neither the scientific method nor reason more generally could teach individuals the meaning of life or the right way to live. 

Pascal also wrote about how humans tried to avoid thinking about their mortality, the extent of their ignorance and their liability to error. Yet he also believed that there was nothing more important for people to consider than their true human nature. In this reasoning, without understanding who we are, it would be difficult to understand how we ought to live.

In Pascal’s view, acquiring self-knowledge was a necessary stage on the way to recognizing one’s need for living with faith and purpose in something beyond oneself. 

Pascal’s religion

In fact, Pascal argued that believing in the existence of God is essential to human happiness. 

For all of his many ideas and accomplishments, he’s probably most famous today for Pascal’s Wager, a philosophical argument that humans should bet on the existence of God. “If you win, you win everything; if you lose, you lose nothing,” he wrote. In other words, he argued, although one cannot know for certain whether or not God exists, we are better off believing in God’s existence than not.

Pascal saw Jesus as the indispensable mediator between God and humankind. He believed that the Catholic Church was the only religion to teach the truth about human nature and therefore offered the singular route to happiness.

Pascal’s preference for Catholicism over any other religion raises a difficult question, however. For why should anyone wager on one religion rather than another? Some scholars, such as Richard Popkin, have gone so far as to call Pascal’s attempts to discredit paganism, Judaism and Islam “pedantic.” 

Whatever one’s religious beliefs, Pascal teaches that all individuals have to make a choice between faith in some reality beyond themselves or a life without belief. But a life without belief is also a choice, and in Pascal’s view, a bad bet.

Human beings have to wager and to commit themselves to a worldview on which each one would be willing to bet their life. It follows that, for Pascal, human beings could not avoid hope and fear: hope that their bets will turn out well, fear that they won’t. 

Indeed, people make countless daily wagers – going to the grocery store, driving a car, riding the train, among others – but don’t usually think of them as risky. According to Pascal, however, human lives as a whole can also be viewed as wagers. 

Our big decisions are risks: For example, in choosing a certain course of education and career or in marrying a certain person, people are betting on a fulfilling life. In Pascal’s view, people choose how to live and what to believe without really knowing whether or not their beliefs and decisions are good ones. We simply don’t and can’t know enough to live without wagering.

Pascal’s unfinished masterpiece

Pascal presents his argument for the wager in his greatest work, the “Pensées” – “Thoughts,” in English. Throughout this work, Pascal emphasizes the need for faith, in light of a multifaceted exploration of human nature as well as a thorough investigation of the limits of reason, science and philosophy.

Pascal’s central argument in “Pensées” for believing in God did not rest on proof of God’s existence. On the contrary, Pascal argued that God’s existence cannot be proved because, for him, God is hidden – a “deus absconditus.” He wrote that “there is enough light for those whose only desire is to see, and enough darkness for those of the opposite disposition,” but ultimately no certainty was possible – and so humans faced a choice. 

For Pascal, belief would make the difference between misery and true happiness. 

On the 400th anniversary of his birth, then, one way of honoring Pascal might be to risk believing in something beyond ourselves and what we can know; such faith might give us a chance of living well.

Source: HERE

Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Interesting facts about the last Pharaoh of Egypt

Cleopatra ascended the throne at the age of 17 and died at the age of 39. She spoke 9 languages. She knew the language of Ancient Egypt and had learned to read hieroglyphics, a unique case in her dynasty. Apart from this, she knew Greek and the languages ​​of the Parthians, Hebrews, Medes, Troglodytes, Syrians, Ethiopians, and Arabs.

With this knowledge, any book in the world was open to her. In addition to languages, she studied geography, history, astronomy, international diplomacy, mathematics, alchemy, medicine, zoology, economics, and other disciplines. She tried to access all the knowledge of her time.

Cleopatra spent a lot of time in a kind of ancient laboratory. She wrote some works related to herbs and cosmetics. 

Unfortunately, all her books were destroyed in the fire of the great Library of Alexandria in 391 AD. C. The famous physicist Galen studied her work and was able to transcribe some of the recipes devised by Cleopatra.
One of these remedies, which Galen also recommended to her patients, was a special cream that could help bald men regain their hair. Cleopatra's books also included beauty tips, but none of them have come down to us.

The queen of Egypt was also interested in herbal healing, and thanks to her knowledge of languages ​​she had access to numerous papyri that are lost today. Her influence on the sciences and medicine was well known in the early centuries of Christianity. She, without a doubt, is a unique figure in the history of humanity. 😇

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Thursday, February 23, 2023

Wantok system destroying societies

February 22, 2023The NationalLetters

THE negative facet of the wantok system has been equated to how malignant neoplastic disease destroys a society.

Bribery has become a major concern for the wantok system particularly in the modern society because makings and virtues are non every bit of import as earlier.

Equally long as people have money, they can acquire anything and everything that they want.

People do not even necessitate makings or virtues in order to happen occupations because every bit long as they know the right people and grease few officers, they can acquire their desired occupations.

In the past years, people had to labour in order to acquire what they wanted but nowadays money negotiations (Fagululu, 2000).

Another affair of great concern is how the wantok system has been misused as a political shield.

This is because a batch of political relations get in the manner of the patterned advance of a state.

Once it is incorporated with the system, it makes the politicians to go corrupt and mismanage public finances.

It is through this misused system that political parties appoint unqualified and unworthy persons to executive occupation places.

If political parties worked in alliance with the existent Wantok system, so the major end of functioning the State would be achieved effectively.

Mark Manavoe