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Wantok system destroying societies

February 22, 2023The NationalLetters

THE negative facet of the wantok system has been equated to how malignant neoplastic disease destroys a society.

Bribery has become a major concern for the wantok system particularly in the modern society because makings and virtues are non every bit of import as earlier.

Equally long as people have money, they can acquire anything and everything that they want.

People do not even necessitate makings or virtues in order to happen occupations because every bit long as they know the right people and grease few officers, they can acquire their desired occupations.

In the past years, people had to labour in order to acquire what they wanted but nowadays money negotiations (Fagululu, 2000).

Another affair of great concern is how the wantok system has been misused as a political shield.

This is because a batch of political relations get in the manner of the patterned advance of a state.

Once it is incorporated with the system, it makes the politicians to go corrupt and mismanage public finances.

It is through this misused system that political parties appoint unqualified and unworthy persons to executive occupation places.

If political parties worked in alliance with the existent Wantok system, so the major end of functioning the State would be achieved effectively.

Mark Manavoe


Monday, February 13, 2023

Kotokay's "Melanesian Way Conservation" Extends Narokobi's The Melanesina Way

This generation and our future generations are indebted to our forefathers, particularly those who founded this country called, "Independent State of Papua New Guinea" (henceforth PNG) for one thing, they have welcome the foreign influence coming into our land and did not wait until it is too late to stand on our foot. They established constitutional and political foundations and declared PNG as a modern independent nation-state.

(What is happening on the western side of this New Guinea Island is our past generation's mistake that this island's inhabitant. However, what had happened on the eastern side of the Island is a blessing for us to nurture and maintain and develop further.)

At the philosophical theory Bernard Mullu Narokobi contributed greatly to PNG, and this should be extended to other Melanesian countries.

The idea of Melanesian Way Conservation came out from the very philosophical statement that "Bernard Mullu Narokobi" has stated, spoken and written about. The Independent State Papua New Guinea is the main fruit of the statement. The Melanesian Way Conservation is another big fruit about to feed the world.

He said, the Melanesian Way is, "Live Well, Love Well, Have Something Good for Every Person and Die a Happy Death!". Kotokay added, "Celebrate Birth", at the beginning of the statement.

What is Melanesian Way Conservation

As stated in Kotokay's Websites ( - and many others) as the Ambassador of Full Circle Foundation campaigning for environmental protection across Melanesia utilizing the Melanesian Wisdom.

The Melanesian Way Conservation is also called "The Spirit-based Conservation". It does not mean there is spirit operate and pinpointing the conservation work and sites. It is a conservation following the stories among families, clans, moieties and tribes across Melanesia.

Three Principles of Melanesian Way Conservation

The first principle is that Melanesia Conservation is based on Storyline: the story of creation, the story of exodus, the story of flood, the story of origin, the story of crucifixion, the story of salvation, and so on that already exist and passed down within 

The second principle is that Melanesian Conservation is based on objects, places and peoples that are mentioned in the stories, that we call as HotSpots. We call this the "Spirit Hotspots", because the stories starts, passes and stops along the spots. The spots can be people (families, clans, tribes), or individuals, or it can be a place (geographically) or a certain objects (tree, stone, mountain), or it can also be certain material or object such as tree, stone, house, and so on.

Thus, the stories have subjects and objects, a themes and characters that are passed down from generation to generation. The stories talks about events, places, objects and peoples. These are called hotspots.

The HotSpots are the spots where the stories originate or proceed or end, and these spots are important to be cared for, looked after and protected.

We Melanesians believe that life originates, evolves, grows  and ends in these spots and these spots are origins, nurturers or nourishers of life and they determine our collective fate. Therefore, to protect a life, be it plants, animals of humans, we should start from protecting these sports.

Conservation by counting how many birds, butterflies, fish, or flora and fauna species are very basic, it not ignorant, way of protecting the nature. The true and real way is by protecting the hotspots. And those hotspots only mapped out very well in storylines. Without storylines, there is no hotspots.

Those hotspots are not human hotspots, they are spirit hotspots.

We all know that human beings have spirit, soul and body. And we are talking about the hotspots, about the dwelling places of our souls, and the souls of all beings. The spirits do not float around, the dwell, and they are the ones that choose their dwelling places or we call hotspots.

The third principle is that Melanesian Conservation should happen within the boundaries of families, clans , moieties, clans and tribes, because there storylines are told and kept, or passed down through human beings, within these social units.

Therefore, conservation work by excluding human beings who live in, with and as nature is not only laughable, but also create confusion for human beings and other communities of beings.

Many Modern Conservation work have excluded human communities from other than humans that they want to protect. In addition to counting how many plants and animals to protect, modern mind also thought that human beings are destroying the nature, therefore to protect the nature, humans beings have to be excluded.

Many conservation work done by excluding human beings have failed. Humans are part of nature, and excluding humans means destroying nature itself.

Of course, we human beings should also know "which group" or "what type" of human beings we are talking about. Modern human beings are definitely harmful to collective communities of beings.

Final Words

Bernard Narokobi has pointed out, we Melanesians know how to live well,  and die happy, every well and very advanced indeed. Only foreigners or modern minds, who do not know about the Melanesian Way, that think we are somewhat primitives, savages, cannibals, and so on. 

Today, I myself, Wewo Kotokay, am challenging the world modern conservationists and environmentalists, wherever you are, that we Melanesians know very well, and have done very well in protecting our Melanesian islands and waters stay green and blue for millennia, because we know well how to do it.

With "The Melanesian Way Conservation" I am promoting here, I want other communities of human beings in. the world, particularly the Conservation Societies to understand and acknowledge and support our Melanesian Way Conservation as the way forward in us looking after life on this planet Earth.

Further Reading

  1. Culture, kastom and conservation in Melanesia: what happens when worldviews collide? 
  2. Jupiter Stacy (2017) Culture, kastom and conservation in Melanesia: what happens when worldviews collide?. Pacific Conservation Biology 23, 139-145., from <>
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Thursday, January 26, 2023

Example 01 of God's System is Wantok System, John 3:16


For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. (John 3:16, KJV)

From this very famous verse in all languages and all time, I want us to see God's Wantok System expressed clearly and openly here.

The first one is the statement "For God so loved the world..." The cause of the action taken by God, of sending "His only begotten Son" is that "God so loved the world". There is no more than this open acknowledgement in God's word. Nothing that the world has ever done that owed God to react by sending His only begotten Son. The only reason is "love", His love to the world.

This is pure Wantok System. God is the Creator of all. He created human beings. He placed human beings in the garden of Eden. But human beings fell into sin by eating the forbidden fruit. And as a consequence, Adam and Eve were sent out from the Garden.

Since then, human beings were lost in their own world. They did nothing but sinned against the purpose and will of God.


Where is the Merit System? 

Furthermore, even after being saved, there is nothing that human beings or Christians can do to increase or decrease the total salvation given to believers.

And he said to the woman, “Your faith has saved you; go in peace.”

Luke 7:50 (ESV)

8For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God 9not by works, so that no one can boast.

Ephesians 2: 8-9 (NIV)

For no human being will be justified in his sight by works of the law, since through the law comes knowledge of sin.

Romans 3:20 (RSV)

he saved us, not because of righteous things we had done, but because of his mercy. He saved us through the washing of rebirth and renewal by the Holy Spirit,

Titus 3:5 (NIV)

1. Therefore, since we are justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ. 2. Through him we have obtained access to this grace in which we stand, and we rejoice in our hope of sharing the glory of God.   

Romans 5:1-2 (NIV)

Where is the Merit System? 

The one and only thing human beings should do is, "to believe God". The act of "believing God" is carried out by (1) faith in God's word and salvation by God in Jesus Christ, and then (2) accepting Jesus Christ as personal Lord and Saviour. 

This will bring everlasting life.

Wednesday, October 26, 2022

ABCNews Fishing exclusion zone benefits fishers hundreds of kilometres away, study finds

 For many commercial and recreational fishers, marine protected areas (where fishing is excluded) are viewed with scepticism.

Critics have questioned the legitimacy of what is referred to as the spillover effect — where excluding fishing is hypothesised to produce ecological and/or commercial fishing benefits beyond the boundaries of the protected area.
But research published today in Science suggests fishing exclusion zones can benefit both fishers and the marine environment, and that fish yields for some species can be boosted up to several hundred kilometres away from the protected habitat.
Lead researcher John Lynham from the University of Hawaii says marine protected areas allow the entire food web within them to recover.
That in turn boosts the numbers of some of the wider-roaming pelagic fish that move out into the waters beyond.
"Removing a lot of the human influence, it's kind of like the [COVID-19] lockdowns on a giant scale — everything has a chance to recover," Professor Lynham said.
Key points:
- Researchers compared catch rates outside the world's largest marine protected area off Hawaii, before and after fishing was excluded
- Yellowfin tuna catch rates were boosted by 60 per cent within 100 nautical miles of the boundary, and total "other" species were also higher
- Increased tuna catch rates were seen for 300 nautical miles from the boundary
To read more, click on the following link:
Story originially published on:

Thursday, June 23, 2022

Once Again: Kina Bank Vision CIty Branch is the Fastest Bank Service Centre in Melanesia

Yes, I say in Melanesia, this particular branch office is the fastest because I have travelled to almost all Melanesian countries, except Bougainville and Kanaky. I have travelled to other Melanesian countries: West Papua, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Fiji and Vanuatu, and I have also happen to get to Bank for various transaction purposes. And from these experiences, I can confidently declare that Kina Bank Vision City Branch Office is the fastest service centre for banking in Melanesia.

Today, I just visited the office again. This time, I wanted three things: (1) To request a New Visa Debit Card for one of my accounts; (2) To request the opening of Online Banking for my company LTD and (3) to request CellMoni Kina Bank Account.

Numbers one and two were finalized within minutes, if not seconds, because this time a miracle happened, the boss of the branch office at Vision City actually invited me to serve me with my needs. This is how it happened, "I entered the office and lined up for customer service section, and waited for sometime, maybe an hour". I saw the boss was going out and coming in. He was certainly busy service some customers.

After getting into the office, he then opened the door. And, surely I did not know him, and I was not lining up to meet him, therefore, I sat there without glancing at him, facing towards the customer service, and his office door was right at my left-back side. 

He actually talked to me, asking me what services I wanted, but in some seconds I chose not to reply, because I knew well that I was not waiting for the boss, but for customer service. But then he spoke again, "Yes, come, how can I help you?"

I did not answer him for some seconds, because I was busy thinking about what made him invite me to his office. I realized that I did say something, some kind of prayer, so that my walk to the bank and come back be guided and protected. And in fact this was the outcome of my request, and also in some respect my command to my guardian angels.

Surely, I got VIP service. Mind you, the whole operations here are fast, but now become fastest, because the boss quickly and smoothly helped me issuing my Visa Debit Card and registered my Online / Internet Banking for my company.

I am back home here, typing this Good News. 

My purpose of writing this note is that I invite those of you out there, who want to do banking activities, please flood into Kina Bank Vision City Branch. I will proof to you, in PNG or across Melanesia, that this is the fastest bank office across Melanesia.

Definitely, I know the fastest in the world is Hong Kong, maybe fastest in all areas of services, but particularly banking services in Hong Kong is the fastest worldwide. But for Melanesia, Kina Bank Vision City Branch is the one to come and proof it yourself. Robert Oeka says, "Yu yet kam na lukim", so mi yet tok-tok seim kain, "Yu yet kam na prufim!"

PS: I am sorry, I actually thought about taking picture of both of us in his office, but then I thought it was ethically impolite so I kept the thought myself and it is with me now here.

Thursday, June 16, 2022

God's System is WANTOK System, My System is Wantok System Too


Wantok System is commonly regarded by westerners or modernists as a bad system that should be wiped out from across Melanesia and all Melanesians are encouraged to get rid of "Wantok System" in governing our lives.

The Reality

I want to make a bold and clear statement to those haters of "Wantok System" that 

  1. Wantok System is God created system, as it is used to run our daily lives. Therefore, those who want to run other than life should not think or speak against God-created system, therefore we call it "Godly System". Therefore, those who are against Wantok System are un-Godly minded people, who love human made system to operate in their lives.
  2. Wantok System is God's own system in running His Kingdom today and tomorrow. The first and fundamental principle is that God operates based on relations, not merits. Modern mind and system operate based on merits, whereas God operates on relations. Operations based on merits aimed at optimizing productivity. The end result of productivity is maximizing profit. The profit here is material profit, bodily economic gains, and earthly pleasure. 

    This is why human beings are called "human resources". Human beings are not treated as God's created being in His own image.

    God does not see and treat human beings as resources. He sees and treats us as His own sons and daughters. And in this relation, what He wants to see as an end product is our submission to His power and authority, to glorify His name. Merit is the keyword in modern mind, but relation is the keyword in God's mind.
  3. Wantok System operates not to bring economic or capital benefits. Wantok System the others around us as fellow human beings, as brothers, sisters, uncles, fathers, mothers, grandparents, leaders. Other people are not those you can use to gain financial benefits,

    Yes, there is ego in play in community, but the ego in Wantok System is reflected to collective ego, start communally. Even thought this can be acted individually, but the end result is mostly expected towards collective interests, needs and wants. It is not possible to separate "I or Me" from "We or Us". Likewise, we don't appreciate and value individuals as singular, but within collective values and identities.
When Wantok System is in operation, the main focus will be to maintain the relationship. It is reciprocal relationship and balance that become focus and priority. When there is no balance, then the individuals and elders will soon fix it. The balance is maintained with the law of reciprocal relationship.

Balance then produces harmony. Harmony means everything is in balance. Or in other words, the reciprocal relationships is happening according to the Laws of Nature.

When we take this Wantok System into modern system, then of course and definitely, there will be problems because we are trying to operate God's Operating System within Human made system.

No wander Wantok System is widely attacked across Melanesia.

Mind you, please go to the Melanesian person, particularly so-called leaders within the government, military, police or political parties and hear them speaking. They do attach Wantok System as the system that bring about nepotism and collusion that bring about corruption in mindset, talks and actions in offices and public affairs.

I want to openly and boldly speak against this kind of mindset and statement, that the problem here is you are mixing up the two systems. Wantok System should be applied in running lives, whereas modern system be applied in running businesses (public, private).

Then you might ask, "What about Wantok System within the government?"

My answer is that we have a choice at this generation to choose, whether we want to run our government and businesses within God's system, or within modern earthly system. In other words, do we run our governments and businesses for the people, or do we run our government and businesses for generating and accumulating financial profits. What is the purpose of our independence: to generate more money or to help our the people? What is the purpose of running our governments: to serve foreign interests or to serve our own peoples' interests.

One thing to remember is that we can mix God's System with human system, but we cannot mix human system with God's system, because the purpose of God's system is above the purpose of human's system. 

Should we apply God's system within our government and business organizations?

Yes, we can and we must. 

The most important principle to remember is that we are born naked, owning nothing, and we will die naked leaving everything, including our own body will be left empty.

Therefore, running our lives in families, in businesses and in governments should be mindful that what I am doing, what we are doing have direct and indirect consequences to others, because we exist in relation to and with others. We do not exist without others. And we cannot exist without others. We will never existed without others. 

Therefore, whatever I do here. in this life should be based upon this understanding, that life is not about money, the work in this life is not about merits, this life is not about productivity and work performance, but it is truly about how I am in this life relating to the other person nearby or surrounding and those others in this world. If I see them as resources that I can use, then I am putting myself less than human, I am operating in my earthly operating system. If I am viewing and treating them as my own "wantoks" in my office, workplace, political party, contingent, club,  business, company, then I am operating in God's System.

Operating in God's system means viewing and treating equally and reciprocally, looking for value in life than money for life.

IF you ask me to forget Wantok System in my modern office, I will ask those politicians fighting against Wantok System but they allow and even fund and campaign for their own wives, sons and daughters to campaign to become Members of Parliament. IF you ask me to hate Wantok System, you are telling me to love the world and hate Godly system. 


I know that I am talking a big issue here, therefore, I cannot complete everything here. I am also starting to formulate, therefore, this is the first ever note I am writing on this topic. I will formulate and analyze more and then come back.

What I want you to see as takeaway after leaving this note are
  1. That Wantok System and Modern System cannot be conflicted, or compared, because they are separate and different operating systems to run human lives;
  2. The function and use of Wantok System is for running life, and the function and use of modern system is for running activities to generate income, financial income.
  3. That I am here to defend Wantok System at any cost, for the sake of humanity, particularly for Melanesia-hood, because I know that hating Wantok System is very closely related to hating Melanesian peoples (individuals and groups)

Monday, June 13, 2022

Homosexuals Have No Place in Melanesian PNG

By: Tabe Jugari TJ

Not long ago during our fathers' days, the males were secluded to certain functions and rituals in the society. The same applied for the womenfolk. Men were trained and tested to be strong, both physically emotionally. The males lived in the men's house and were restricted from visiting the women's house except for the married men to visit their wives for mating purposes. 

There was a strong division between the two sexes, physically and emotionally, as well as their respective tribal and family responsibilities. In the men's house, core values of manhood were passed down from the elderlies to young ones, including the duty to carry on the generation. And that is how our race was brought forward for thousand years to date. For generations, there has never been a gay, girlish guy, or any sort of 'in-between' humans that existed among men. One was define from birth as either male or female, and they automatically inherited their respective  functions in the society as they grew older. One of men's primary function was to reproduce and preserve this race that we now identify ourselves as Papua New Guineans. 

But today, maybe because of the climate change (as some call it), or for some scientific reasons, we somehow have these 'half-male-half-female persons', 'female trapped in male body' , or what you call homosexual or 'gays' born into our society. 

And the society seems to be cool with it.  Not long ago, the former member for Sumkar, this white fellow Ken Fairweather once pushed for a same sex legislation in Parliament but was rejected by many. 

I'd like to think that homosexuality  amongst others (natural law, Christian principles, legally etc), is a violation of our Melenasian culture. Our race was not preserved for many years by the practice of homosexuality. Rather, our core values and principles of manhood, our foremost duty to reproduce had brought us this far, and now we have 8 million of our kind living on this land. 

I think homosexual should be condemned in PNG, even to an extent where those practicing it must be harassed and threatened. I don't think stigmatising a homosexual is a wrong, rather it's simply a reminder of our Melenasian values and norms, our roots. If we allow this in our society, it will lead to same sex marriage. 

PNG has no place for gays and lesbians or the so called LGBTs.



WANTOKS: We all Melanesians know that half-male and half-female comes from Blood Mixing. Those parents married to very related or one-line blood, that is why this happens. This is the reason our Melanesian culture teaches us moiety system, where clans are paired, and marriage inside the same clan groups are not allowed. What happened today? We have wiped out our clan names, and started using our biological father's name, finally by identity we already become half-male, half-female, because look around, those girls born from the father Joseph, now become Catharine Joseph, for example. We are confusing ourselves, by blood and by identity. 

Let us fix it, fix the Nakamal/ Haus Tambaran/ Nasara/ Kunu/ Haus Man, then this very house will fix the rest.