Friday, December 20, 2019

Frank A. Makanuey: It Christmas

Just feeling sad, a Government Dept cannot pay me, and I cannot pay my Auditors.
Government talks about SME's, and the elites talk about them, but in reality, people like me struggle just to get paid.
My auditors are good people. Family people. Most of all good workers, hinest and hardworking.
How do I pay them so they can have good Xmas too?
Its painful for to me even breath...


Frank A. Makanuey: Too hungry to play

When my stretch of the Gahuna Gaudi is absolutely quiet, no kids, playing happily, yelling, screaming and shouting, every afternoon, I sit and wonder, where have they gone?
I miss their happy voices from my window pane.
Every morning, I sit by the window pane, and I see only the big kids are hurrying to school. The little stay home. I sit and wonder why is this? School holidays already?
The pangs of hunger of the street is quite evident on Gahuna Gaudi, my stretch of the road. It was always a struggle street, but never sad and solemn like this. Its eairy, its a haunting reverberation of fear, desperation and hopelessness.
Its sad, I drink my coffee every morning, but I swallow a gut full of guilt. I eat a spoonful of rice covered in guilt. My belly is full of guilt. I feel the pain, there are no happy kids on my stretch of the road, I miss their voices.
Why are the children hungry in my country, on my stretch of the road, the Gahuna Gaudi of old?