Thursday, October 26, 2023

The live in a period of rapid change

The NationalOctober 27, 2023

WE live in a period of rapid change, of infusion of cultures and technologies totally foreign to our Melanesian ways of old.

But the old ways are foreign to us today as we fight to adapt to the new ways.

The new ways, ours now for the keeping, are also of foreign origin but much time and effort must be invested before we even sniff at something close to familiar.

Confusion abounds in every aspect of our livesz

We know not enough of our past, we know not enough of our present age and the future is a hazy horizon.

Our life is too short. The first 20 years we try to catch some education.

The next thirty we raise a family and try to earn a living.

The final 20 years is spent wondering what happed to the last 50 years.

Death often arrives in the nick of time to stop us going stark raving mad.

No. We do not allow ourselves much time to appreciate our conditions properly.

Much would be different today if we were more supportive to each other and as a nation.

Much would be achieved if we sought to help build rather than tear down with vitriolic criticisms.

Imagine a fast flowing river. On one bank lies the Melanesia of yesterday.

On the other side lies the modern PNG of our Vision 2050.

The present hangs suspended as a bridge over this bridge. Above is fathomless space. Below rushes the tumultuous currents of river Time.

About 10 million plus people are on this bridge.

We glance back at the past in time to hear the foundations of our bridge on that side groaning under our combined weight.

Nuts and bolts are already coming unstuck.

We are hardly doing enough to support the foundations there. Looking ahead we see the foundations on the future bank coming under similar stress.

We mill around confused wondering whether to go support the foundations of the past or the future.

Bewildered we try one approach and then discard it before it has time to work and try another and then another.

We change governments too often, introduce too many laws and introduce too many policies.

What we lack is how to implement our laws and policies, make them work.

Often we think we have it right but it is obvious we do not have it.

We are our own worst enemies, criticising all and sundry.

Our national life is littered with the corpses of still born pipe-dreams and unhatched policies.

We are high on criticism and opposition, low on support and praise.

All structures, if they are to endure, need firm foundations. Knowledge based foundations are the best of these.

What is required is knowledge based approach to secure the foundations of our bridge on both banks.

We must know our past to appreciate who we truly are. We must know what we want and how best to secure what we desire.

Drink deeply at the fountain of knowledge, for it is there you will find the wherewithal to deal with our past and our future.

Instruct children to appreciate their cultural heritage, to speak their language at the same time as they learn math and science.

Modern nations are today most attractive because they keep their cultural heritage intact and on display.

It is what makes them unique.

PNG is a beautiful country of much diversity.

As we race off into the future, do it with a firm grip upon our cultural heritage.

We must remember who we are. Who we are!