Programmes and Plans


I. Getting Melanesians be Present ONLINE

I am willing and on the path towards getting as many Melanesian individuals, families, moieties, clans,  tribes, villages and islands as possible to GO ONLINE:
  1. be PRESENT ONLINE and then 
  2. express our being ONLINE, in order gain
  3. respect from other human beings on planet Earth that we exist, we worth being here, and we are important to be around.
How to be present ONLINE? By Registering your domain name based on your 
  1. Personal name
  2. Family name
  3. Moiety name
  4. Clan name
  5. Tribe name
  6. Names of landscapes (mountain, valleys)
  7. Names of matter (stone, 
Please Note: I am only promoting and supporting Melanesian-Specific Domain Names.

II. Getting All Melanesians Appreciate Ourselves Being Melanesians

All Melanesian are the human race who enjoyed modernisation the most. We did not experience the transitions from the past to Enlightenment era with a lot of trials and errors in human developments of knowledge, skills and technology in human history.

Melanesians got in contact with the outside world in the last years only, and we were not involved in previous ups and downs in modernisation process. We are just joining in and enjoying the results of all inventions of our fellow human beings, particularly Europeans.

The programmes that I want to promote in my life, based on the above background understanding of our human history, is to have Melanesian thinkers and theoreticians, including myself, to formulate appropriate theories of governing system with business model and economic system that are appropriate for geographical, social and cultural contexts in Melanesia.

I want as many Melanesians as possible to come out to the world and speak representing us Melanesians on various issues, particularly on how humans should live on this planet Earth, i.e., how to treat and honour life according to the "Melanesian Way" of Life.

I am the 21st Century Bernard Narokobi, becasuse I personally promote:
  1. Welcome Birth
  2. Live well
  3. Love Well
  4. Have Somethign good for every person, and
  5. Die a Happy Death
I finally ended up with the writings of the renowned Melanesian Philosopher, the Late Bernard Narokobi's conceptual statement on "life".

“Live Well, Love Well, Have Something Good for Every Person, and Die a Happy Death!”

I added one, to these, i.e., "Celebrate Birth" in front of the list.
This is the Gospel of Melanesia, something that this world needs to hear and taste, in order to enjoy their lives as we do here in Melanesia.

I have friends from many different parts of the world, from many walks of life, and I have found out myself, clearly that this world needs Melanesia and Melanesians, to inspire and to aspire for a "happy life", that has been preached and searched and fought for in human history, but hardly been found.

Only those who empty their mind, empty their possessions, empty their lives, empty their ego, that will finally end up embracing what "they call happiness". Yes, I say "what they call happiness" because I do not call that as "happiness", but as "simple joy" or joyfulness in simplicity. It means, the "joy" appears when things are emptied, and this life becomes "empty".

Teach the Gospel of Melanesia 

The Gospel of Melanesia has four major formula, 
  1. Celebrate Birth
  2. Live Well
  3. Love Well
  4. Have Something Good for Every Person, and 
  5. Die a Happy Death

1. Welcome Birth Means

2. Live Well means

3. Love Well means

4. Have Something Good for Every Person means

5. Die a Happy Death means


Target 1: To encourage and equip Melanesian Women across the Melanesian Archipelago to:

  1. speak clearly on what we believe and how we will
  2. demonstrate clearly on how we live in our villages/ islands
  3. lead the way towards a simple joyful life, as we inherited from our ancestors

Target 2: To revitalize Melanesian Self-Image to revive Melanesian Self-Confidence in order to Self-Define and Self-Determine our personal and collective political, economic, social, and cultural affairs

Target 3:  I promote Melanesian-Specific Domain Names and Web Hosting Packages. This year of 2022, I offer FREE Web Hosting Packages to All Melanesian peoples around the world.

Register your domains and host your websites for free here
I will also help you to host your website for free at, as I am doing here right now, right here!

Plans of Actions

I want setting up various online businesses for Melanesian Women and Youth to OWN and FULLY Run it by themselves/ yourselves. I am just pioneering, so you can take over it, and run it.

My company " LTD." delivers e-commerce and Online Business packages across Melanesia under the business names of
  2. with Online Web Hosting and Online Retail Shop, accompanied by On-Site outlets and counters.
  3. that serves for Online Hotel Bookings and Airline Tickets booking and issuing company, with connections to, and
  4. and

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