Vision and Mission


I am not more than just a servant, torching the path to Melanesia-hood and Wantok System.


A modern tribal life in Melanesia that is based upon Melanesian tribal values, norms and systems
1. A modern tribal life
2. in Melanesia
3. Based upon
4. Tribal Values
5. Tribal Norms
6. Tribal Systems


I was born into this planet Earth, precisely in New Guinea Island, to preach the "Gospel of Melanesia":

“Welcome Birth, Live Well, Love Well, Have Something Good for Every Person, and Die a Happy Death!”

Five Golden Rules of the Good News in and from Melanesia

I was born and alive today with a mission to clarify and demonstrate the meanings of:

  1. Welcome Birth,
  2. Live Well
  3. Love Well
  4. Have Something Good for Every Person, and
  5. Die a Happy Death
Narokobi stated rules number 2-5, I added rule no. 1 that creates the Five Golden Rules for Human Life as the Good News in and from Melanesia.

I welcome you guys, boys and girls, men and women, fathers and mothers, children and adult, young and mature, from all over Melanesia, to join me in this mission. Write to me: and

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