Saturday, October 02, 2021

Apollo 11, 9/11 Twins Tower attack and coronavirus: real or fake?

Apollo 11, went to moon in 1969 was said to be a hoax, it's been over 50 years since, the US has not attempted another trip, it plays into the hoax theory, that if they really did go to the moon and landed, why hasn't the USA prompted another trip in the last 50 years?

Now they are saying the 9/11 is a hoax, it's narrative anyway, that it was not Osama Bin Laden who masterminded the catastrophic destruction of the most iconic, indestructive, seemingly a formidable building, and furthermore they are also saying that the impact of the two planes crashing into the Twin Towers, and the extreme heat from the planes burning Aviation fuel could not have burnt the Twin Towers into rubble and ashes like did it, but instead say the Twins Towers building was destroyed by demolition bombs placed there by the new owners of the building who had apparently purchased it a few months before. 

They bought these building that was built with asbestos and were horrified to learn that if they attempted to remove the asbestos, it would cost as much as the purchase price. 

The State building or the Twin Towers was purchased for a little over $US 4 Billion. It was easier to burn and destroy it and collect the insurance. The owners reportedly collected about $US 7 billion in insurance payment.

It was also said that Iraq and Saddam Hussein was building nuclear warheads. The US Government compiled a dossier of evidence to suggest that Iraq was building nuclear warheads and Saddam Hussein needed to be stopped. The US, Iraqi war commenced and the US government destroyed, Saddam Hussein got him killed, his family scattered and killed, his wealth and status destroyed. 

It is said the destruction of Iraq and Saddam Hussein was based on a hoax and fake and false allegation because the US just wanted the control of oil and it's price on the market.

So here we you think Covid 19 is hoax?

One thing is for certain, firstly the initial narrative of the vaccination and vaccines, was said to prevent the dreaded disease and to stop death from occurring as a result of Covid 19.

Now they are saying it is to prevent people who contract the dreaded disease, from getting seriously ill, and avoid being placed in ICU, because apparently, you can still get Covid 19 even if are vaccinated, and the next reason is to say, it is to prevent acute suffering and pain from Covid 19.

They said Covid 19 will indiscriminately kill thousands of people on the hour every hour and you would need a million body bags to put the corpes and dead bodies, and dig mass graves to bury them.

Is it a hoax? Is Covid 19 the greatest con job, the biggest hoax ever, and easily the worlds gigantic lie ever told in the modern history of mankind?

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