Wednesday, December 20, 2023

Kina Bank Vision City: The Fastest Banking Service is now the Slowest after 2 years?


Hello, I am writing this again regarding Kina Bank Vision City, Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea.

Perhaps some ask me, "Why I am spending time and energy writing these all regarding Kina Bank?"

Well, the simple answer is that I have my Kina Bank Account here, in this office. Secondly, because I want Kina Bank to become the best bank in Papua New Guinea.

I have my accounts in other banks, but I prefer Kina Bank to improve, because Kina Bank has good business foundations that require improvements. If I talk about other banks, it will be complicated because they business foundations and ethos are totally different.

The Experience I had 0n December 20th, 2023: 3 Hours Waiting, 10 Minutes Solved At Personal Banker 2 Counter

Yesterday, as I reported previously, I came to Kina Bank at 9:00AM and I was among those first customers entered and waited for 4 hours. This day, I came at 13:30 PM, because I thought it will be faster to just submit the filled out form.

I have done what I should do, that is, I downloaded the "Periodical Payment/Direct Debit/Standing Order", printed it, and took it to the bank. I waited for 3 hours. The came to the service desk, i.e., Personal Banker 2 counter after the front age of the bank was closed, because there was no more customers allowed entry. The teller counters were all closed, all money at each counter were counted and closed. Only customer service section was open, and sadly, out of three available desk, only two were operationg. And out of the two, only one knew what he was doing, the other one kept going in and out to her manager, asking for guidance.

And this second counter is the one I came to.

After waiting 3 hours, and it was my turn to go to the counter. I submitted my printed form, and a piece of my copied NID.

She looked at the papers, then went into her manager again, and she came out some minutes later. She entered my data into the computer, for about 5 minutes, and then told me, "Sir, it is finished!"

Then I asked, "Can I go now?" She nodded, "Yes!" so off I went out from the bank.

Final Comments

So, based on the above story, "Am I not Right to say that Kina Bank Vision City has become slowest of all in customers services after 2 years?" I am counting "2 years" since I wrote my first article praising Kina Bank Vision City for fastest banking centre.

I want to comment on two major areas. First is that there should be three different sections of Customer Service Desk, not just one.

As I have proposed in my previous note,  It is important for me to note again that there should be One Section specifically just for "General Queries", and this is the place where bankers answers direct questions and direct customers to the right customer services desk. This is also the place where customers who want to (1) collect their visa card and (2) fix their PIN for visa/ KinaKard come and ask for assistance. This person can be a security personnel, trained to do this job.

The second section is for quick services such as organising Standing Orders as I did, or asking for SMS/ Online Banking services.

The third one is for Opening New bank Account, requested New Card, and other complicated problems that require longer than 30 minutes solution.

Above all, I want to suggest to reduce chairs inside the room, so that customers do not sit and wait for so long inside. Let the customers wait outside, and make it so that when they come into the room, they just need less than one hour to queue. It is punishing act when you allow customers waiting for 4 hours sitting inside the building.

To do next

My first request is for all Kina Bank Vision City Customers to voice this request I am proposing here to the bank, if the bank has not yet read my note here.


  1. I invite all Kina Bank Customers to download and print this "Periodical Payment/Direct Debit/Standing Order" here.
  2. Download and Print Form to Open Personal Bank Account here
  3. If you want to apply for Visa Debit, Card, then Please Download this Visa Card Application Form here
  4. What I will discuss in the next note is "Kina WhatsApp Banking" Stay Tuned.

Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Kina Bank Vision City: Print Your NID Outside and Come Back told the Customer Service Person to me

Opening Note

I have been writing sometime so far, how good Kina Bank is, in regard to customers services. Particularly Kina Bank Vision City has been my favourite branck and I have been suggesting customers to go there.

However, what happened today saddened me, and made me question, "What is really happening with Kina Bank?"

I have more political and moral answers to this, but the following explanation explains how these are demonstrated though banking practice here at Vision City. I hope those who do businesses with heart, will understand what I am talking about, and will take necessary steps to fix it

What I did today

Today I went to Kina Bank Vision City to organise my Standing Orders from my incoming accounts and send to my expenses account. I have three savings account. One for incoming, the other two for expenses. And I want the incoming account to automatically debit the account to send to two other accounts so that I can limit my expenses, and also because the monthly transfer will happen exceeding my monthly transfer limited provided by Kina Bank 

I cannot request for increase the transfer limit, so I thought I must go and ask for standing orders, as I previously knew doing so when banking system was not online as it is today.

What I found out is the following:

  1. I queued up for 4 hours before actually talking to the customer service person;
  2. I waited for almost 1 hour for organising my "standing order". My gut feeling was that I will finalize the thing within 30 minutes. In fact, after 1 hour I was told to go out and print my own ID Card as the bank could not print my NID.
  3. I went downstairs but in fact so many others were already lining up, I should wait another one hour maybe more than that. I decided to go to my rented house and print it at my office. and I did.
  4. I went back to Kina Bank and submitted my photocopied NID. 
  5. The customer service person told me, "there is no more form to fill out for another account", the printer is not working, It means the Standing Order Application Form is not available in print, but it should be printed once required. (I totally agree with this policy as I don't like banks printing so many papers and waste them) However, the problem was that Kina Bank could not print one form for me to fill out. I told the person serving the customers that i will come back tomorrow.
  6. This form ", I am printing it now because Kina Bank cannot print it. out today. I am filling it out, then will submit it tomorrow.
I have some revelations based on these events as I explained above:
  1. I have wasted my 6 hours just to deal with something that should normally be done within 1-2 hours, or even less.
  2. I have wasted 6 hours, but unfortunately I have not yet completed the "Standing Order" business. I should go back tomorrow (20 October 2023) I will write tomorrow, how long will I queue and what will happen as a result.

Final Comments

Hi Kina Bank, what is happening with you? Or how are you today?
You start scrolling after just walking a few years ago.
How long will you be in this condition?

In addition to above incidents, I want to notify to the public some important points to notice:
  1. I propose Kina Bank to Divide Customer Services into three sections. Section One: only for opening bank account or dealing with account problems as well general enquiries. Section Two: particularly to pick-up Visa Card/ KinaKard. Just for collection desk. Section Three: dedicated for account management services, such as organising Standing Orders, opening Online or SMS banking, etc. Two persons at Section One, and one each for sections two and three will end the problem I faced today. I believe many other customers experienced the same or similar cases.
  2. I propose Kina Bank Vision City to train the personnel to learn speed up the services. My early impression was that Kina Bank Vision City was almost like bank services in Hong Kong and Singapore. But right now it is turning into services just the same as Bank South Pacific. It is a pity to say this, but I have to be honest about the truth.
I pray that God will help banks in Papua New Guinea to deliver services to locals in particular, the best, modern and robust facilities available, with diligence and speed.

To do next

Saturday, December 02, 2023

Glorious days of Koki Market 1958

Glorious days of Koki Market looks beautiful and peaceful environment! And surrounded by coconut trees Koki areas! ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ‡ต๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ“Œ

Bystanders at Koki Market, 1958.
Photo Dorothy Wickham, Ballarat Heritage Collection.

Pic: Peter Russell Kranz. ๐Ÿ“Œ
Stories copied from Facebook page

Thursday, November 30, 2023


No matter what we call ourselves, what we wear, how much money we make, what groups we join, where we were born, and even the language we speak---our self-healing depends on our mind.

Mind games are played on us through so many mediums-politics, religion, and, of course, education. Over time, we adopt a consciousness where the clouds exist but not the sky, where books exist but not education, where doctors exist but not healing. Some call this a Western mind. Our foundational energy will remain blocked until we connect with our original mind. It's our thoughts, the untold story, the exploitation all the way back to Greek civilization that defines our victim mentality.

We must liberate our minds. We must embark on a renaissance to cleanse out the toxicity, the filth, and the degradation that is a side-effect of acute exploitation and oppression of the human mind. We do that by moving on a path of intensive self-healing. Only by recognizing that we possess the power of self-healing can we reinterpret our experiences from being victims to being enlightened and centered. ~Dr. Robbin Alston


MAAT- Guiding Principles of Moral Living 2023 EDITION-917 pages

Meditations For African Americans: Igniting the Inner Light 220 pages

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๐Ÿ‘️ ร…M Eternal๐Ÿ‘️
Artwork/meme authorship unknown

Poem: I am AFRICAN

I Am An African
I am an African
Not because I was born there
But because my heart beats with Africa’s
I am an African
Not because my skin is black
But because my mind is engaged by Africa
I am an African
Not because I live on its soil
But because my soul is at home in Africa

When Africa weeps for her children
My cheeks are stained with tears
When Africa honours her elders
My head is bowed in respect
When Africa mourns for her victims
My hands are joined in prayer
When Africa celebrates her triumphs
My feet are alive with dancing

I am an African
For her blue skies take my breath away
And my hope for the future is bright
I am an African
For her people greet me as family
And teach me the meaning of community
I am an African
For her wildness quenches my spirit
And brings me closer to the source of life

When the music of Africa beats in the wind
My blood pulses to its rhythm
And I become the essence of sound
When the colours of Africa dazzle in the sun
My senses drink in its rainbow
And I become the palette of nature
When the stories of Africa echo round the fire
My feet walk in its pathways
And I become the footprints of history

I am an African
Because she is the cradle of our birth
And nurtures an ancient wisdom
I am an African
Because she lives in the world’s shadow
And bursts with a radiant luminosity
I am an African
Because she is the land of tomorrow
And I recognise her gifts as sacred

Friday, November 24, 2023

Comanche portraits

North America was a place of great turbulence and many conflicts when the newcomers decided to inhabit the land and take parts of it for themselves.

In the 18th and 19th century, many tribes, such as Iroquois, Cherokee and Shawnee were overwhelmed by the number of settlers moving westward across America.

When the settlers started moving to the southern edges of the continent their movement was put to a halt for some time. A fierce tribe of Comanche were the reason for it.Even though many tribes have adapted to the introduction of the horse, the Comanche were the group who took most advantage out of it.Previously being an obscure mountain tribe, the Comanche became the fiercest and most famous riders that caused many troubles to the settlers.

In contrast to, for example, Sioux and Cheyenne that would dismount their horses before battle, Comanche continued riding in a fight, which gave them a significant advantage.

Thursday, November 23, 2023

Did You know coffee รฒriginated in Ethiopia?



Coffee grรฒwn wรฒrldwide can trace its heritร ge back centuries to the ancient coffee forests on the Ethiopian ๐Ÿ‡ช๐Ÿ‡น  plateau. There, legend says the goat herder Kaldi first discovered the potential of these beloved beans. 

The story goes that that Kaldi discovered coffee after he noticed that after eating the berries from a certain tree, his goats became so energetic that they did not want to sleep at night. 

Kaldi reported his findings to the abbot of the local monastery, who made a drink with the berries and found that it kept him alert through the long hours of evening prayer. The abbot shared his discovery with the other monks at the monastery, and knowledge of the energizing berries began to spread.

As word moved east and coffee reached the Arabian peninsula, it began a journey which would bring these beans across the globe.


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Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Zimbabwe" Bob Marley lyrics

Every man gotta right to decide his own destiny 
And in this judgment there is no partiality So arm in arms with arms 
We'll fight this little struggle
'Cause that's the only way we can overcome our little trouble 

Brother, you're right, you're right 
You're right, you're right, you're so right 
We gon' fight (we gon' fight) 
We'll have to fight (we gon' fight) 
We gonna fight (we gon' fight) 
Fight for our rights 

Natty dread it inna (Zimbabwe) 
Set it up in (Zimbabwe) 
Mash it up-a inna Zimbabwe (Zimbabwe) Africans ah liberate (Zimbabwe), mh 

No more internal power struggle 
We come together to overcome the little trouble 
Soon we'll find out who is the real revolutionary 
'Cause I don't want my people to be contrary 

And, brother, you're right, you're right 
You're right, you're right, you're so right 
We'll have to fight (we gon' fight) 
We gonna fight (we gon' fight) We'll have to fight (we gon' fight) Fighting for our rights
Mash it up inna (Zimbabwe) Natty trash it inna (Zimbabwe) Africans ah liberate Zimbabwe (Zimbabwe) I and I ah liberate Zimbabwe (Zimbabwe) 

Brother, you're right, you're right You're right, you're right, you're so right We gon' fight (we gon' fight) We'll have to fight (we gon' fight) We gonna fight (we gon' fight) Fighting for our rights 

To divide and rule could only tear us apart In every man chest, mh, there beats a heart So soon we'll find out who is the real revolutionaries And I don't want my people to be tricked by mercenaries 

Brother, you're right, you're right You're right, you're right, you're so right We'll have to fight (we gon' fight) We gonna fight (we gon' fight) We'll have to fight (we gon' fight) Fighting for our rights 

Natty trash it inna Zimbabwe (Zimbabwe) Mash it up inna Zimbabwe (Zimbabwe) Set it up inna Zimbabwe (Zimbabwe) Africans ah liberate Zimbabwe (Zimbabwe) Africans ah liberate Zimbabwe (Zimbabwe) Natty dub it inna Zimbabwe (Zimbabwe) Set it up inna Zimbabwe (Zimbabwe) Africans ah liberate Zimbabwe 
Every man got a right to decide his 
RaggaehHiphop   CELEBRITY 

Saturday, November 18, 2023

Sounds that Heal and Prevent Sickness

The Six Healing Sounds are a simple yet powerful tool to promote physical, energetic and emotional healing and balance. These Sounds were discovered by ancient Tao Masters to generate frequencies for healing.
Each sound cultivates different positive energy and provides healing of a specific organ. To enhance the benefits, each sound is associated with a special healing color, positive emotion and body position helping to open and restore energy flow in a respective organ meridian (energy pathway).
Daily practice of the Six Healing Sounds can restore and maintain calmness and good health. Greater sexual pleasure and improved digestion will occur.
Minor ailments, such as colds, flu, and sore throats, can be prevented or thrown off easily, especially if you will regularly practice the Lung Sound "Sssss" that Master Mantak Chia is demonstrating in this video๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿป
Once the movements, sounds and emotions have been integrated into your practice, you can make the Six Healing Sounds even more powerful. For example, when you are settled into the Lung sound and you are breathing in white healing light, feel your mid-eyebrow wide open, and connect with the Universe to cleanse and revitalize your lungs and large intestine.
With this simple practice, many students of the Healing Tao have overcome their long-standing dependence on sleeping pills, tranquilizers, aspirin, and antacids. If you are taking one of those, pay attention to this practice.
Several psychologists have taught some of their patients to use the Six Healing Sounds to relieve depression, anxiety or anger; and body work oriented healers have used the Six Healing Sounds to help speed up healing, and the healer spends less of his own life force energy.
❤️If you want to learn fundamental Taoist exercises for balanced emotions, stress reduction and greater vitality, we invite you to join Master Mantak Chia's upcoming workshops on Taoist Emotional Wisdom online or on-site in Tao Garden, Thailand, on November 25-28.
In this workshops, you will have the chance to learn the jewels of Taoist wisdom and receive energy transmission from a legendary Master.
Lifetime access to recordings will be provided.
Learn more about teachings in Thailand and book your spot here:
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May the Qi be with you!๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป

What is the secret of Master Chia’s hair?

Many students ask Tao Master Mantak Chia how he managed to keep his hair so great and strong despite his age ― in April 2024 he will turn 80!

Master Chia says the secret is simple ― the Microcosmic Orbit Meditation!๐Ÿ”ฅ
Oftentimes the hair gets weak and falls because too much energy is stuck in the head for overthinking, worrying, and energy blockages in the body. The head gets too hot, overheats and hair just burns out and falls. Do you also have some issues with your hair? Share in the comments๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿป
When too much energy is stuck in the head, it usually means that the Yin energy channel ― the Functional Channel ― is congested and doesn’t allow the energy to lower down by the front of the body and cool down the system.
Yang energy is very hot, and too much Yang energy stuck in the head for a long time could be quite dangerous for one’s mental and physical health.
Yang energy channel ― the Governor Channel ― flows from the perineum up through the spine into the brain. From there, it goes back down to the roof of the mouth.
The tongue acts like a switch that connects the Yin and Yang currents, for when it is touched to the roof of the mouth, the energy starts to flow in a circle up the spine and back down the front of the body. When this happens, Tao Masters say that the «Microcosmic Orbit» has been completed.
The Microcosmic Orbit is a cornerstone practice of the Healing Tao, as it constitutes a powerful tool to make one’s energy circulate freely, abundantly for greater health and vitality.
The Microcosmic Orbit meditation permits to harmonize Yin and Yang energies of the body creating greater balance and redistributing Qi, the vital force, to the organs and systems that need extra energy. When your Orbit is open, its vital current gives your cells the juice to grow, heal, and function.
☯️If you want to learn how to open your Microcosmic Orbit for a more vibrant living, we invite you to join Master Mantak Chia’s Energy meditation workshop on online (December 1-4) or on-site (December 1-5) in Tao Garden, Thailand.
In this workshop, Master Chia will also transmit energy to help you open and circulate Qi in the orbit.
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Lifetime access to recordings will be provided.
Welcome, and may the Qi be with you!๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป

Friday, November 17, 2023

Knock your teeth every day for better health ― the Tao says

Knock your teeth every day for better health ― the Tao says๐Ÿฆท
Knocking the teeth is a simple daily practice that brings about both physical and spiritual benefits. The position of the tongue is very important here.
When you place your tongue up just behind the upper teeth, and your teeth lightly touch, you can feel that Qi (universal force, vital energy) is coming up to your head, and flowing down into your nostrils to the tip of the tongue.
At this point, you can feel your teeth knocking on each other because of the bio-electricity generated. When Qi goes to your teeth, it makes your teeth stronger, and this way you can preserve your own teeth for a longer time.
Furthermore, the tongue, when it is up, begins to act like a switch that connects 2 very important energy channels of the human body.
The Functional Channel begins at the base of the trunk at the perineum. It flows upward into the body past the genitals, stomach organs, heart, and throat. This channel has a Yin, or cold nature.
The Governor Channel starts in the same place. It flows from the perineum upwards into the tailbone, up through the spine into the brain. From there, it goes back down to the roof of the mouth. This route is Yang, or hot in nature.
When the tongue is touched to the roof of the mouth, the energy starts looping around in circles up the spine and back down the front of the body.
This is called the Microcosmic Orbit Meditation ― the cornerstone practice of the Healing Tao teaching you the basics of circulating and directing Qi.
The practice consists in clearing these 2 crucial energy routes of obstruction and creating a closed circuit, which links the vital organs and provides a larger supply of warm revitalizing energy current to all bodily systems. This mixes hot and cold energies, balancing your physical, mental, and emotional selves.
The Microcosmic Orbit is recommended to learn before proceeding with male and female Taoist sexual practices, as if too much sexual energy raises up to the brain, it may have unwanted consequences such as Kundalini psychosis.
Full Microcosmic Orbit opening will be taught at Master Mantak Chia’s Energy Meditation workshop with energy transmission this December๐Ÿ”ฅ
Join the Energy Meditation workshop ONLINE here on December 1-4:
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Never attempt anything without complete information

An Aeroplane cleaner was cleaning the Pilot's cockpit, when he saw a book titled, "HOW TO FLY AN AEROPLANE FOR BEGINNERS (Volume 1)

He opened the first (1st) page which said: "To start the engine, press the red button...". He did so, and the airplane engine started...

He was happy and opened the next page...:
"To get the airplane moving, press the blue button... "He did so, and the plane started moving at an amazing speed...

He wanted to fly, so he opened the third (3rd) page which said: To let the airplane fly, please press the green button... "He did so and the plane started to fly...

He was excited...!!

After twenty (20) minutes of flying, he was satisfied, and wanted to land, so he decided to go to the fourth (4th) page... and page four (4) says; "To be able to know how to land a plane, please purchase Volume 2 at the nearest bookshop!"

*Moral Lesson*

Never attempt anything without complete information

*Half Education is not only dangerous but destructive!!!* A word is enough for the wise.

 Dr Fami

Thursday, November 09, 2023

Who is the Devon man who inspired the Patteson’s Way?

A Devon curate who became a missionary and was later murdered in the South Pacific is remembered in a walk through the landscape where he grew up

Opened to honour the life and legacy of local man John Coleridge Patteson, ‘Patteson’s Way’ is an eight mile circular walking route through the beautiful East Devon countryside. Though Patteson started life in this part of Devon, he bravely ventured to the other side of the world where he inspired and transformed lives. His brutal murder caused outrage back home and hastened the end of the slave trade in the Pacific territories.

Patteson, great nephew of poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge, was born in 1827 and grew up at Feniton Court, near Honiton. He attended The King’s School, Ottery St Mary, then Eton College and Oxford University. Returning to his East Devon roots, Patteson was ordained as a curate and served at Alfington church for two years.

In 1855, he received a life-changing invitation from Bishop Selwyn of Auckland (who was visiting Feniton), asking him to work in the South Pacific as a missionary. Although Patteson’s widowed father initially refused to let his son go to what was seen as a dangerous part of the world, he later relented and the invitation was accepted. Alfington parishioners were unhappy with the loss of their popular curate and blamed Bishop Selwyn!

With a thirst for adventure, Patteson set off from Devon in a stagecoach on the first leg of a staggering 9,500 mile trip to Melanesia.

Patteson was not what you might think of as a typical 19th century missionary. He was a gentle man who had a sincere respect for the new cultures and customs he encountered. He learned to speak 23 of the islands’ 1,000 languages, a knowledge which helped him to connect with the indigenous people. A great equaliser, he made no distinction between the Melanesians and the Europeans who were accompanying him.

Missionaries were not always welcomed, at times shot at with deadly poisoned arrows. Added to which, the islands he visited were spread across thousands of miles of ocean and members of his party suffered frequent outbreaks of illness such as malaria.

Undeterred by these hurdles, Patteson gained the trust of local people, preaching to communities and setting up schools. This work led to the spread of Christianity in the South Seas. He was consecrated as the first Bishop of Melanesia and Head of the Melanesian Mission in 1861, an area covering the nations of the Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and New Caledonia.

At the age of 44, Patteson’s life came to a tragic end. Landing on the island of Nukapu, he was beaten to death by local people. It is likely that he had been mistaken for a ‘blackbirder’. ‘Blackbirding’ was the kidnapping of young Melanesian men to work as poorly paid labourers, a common practice then. Ironically, Patteson had campaigned tirelessly for the end of blackbirding and slavery. Five young men from that island had recently been kidnapped and recruited for the Queensland or Fiji Plantations - Patteson may well have been the victim of a revenge attack.

This shocking murder caused outrage, expediting legislation to end the trade in human lives, the British government resolving to stamp out slavery in all its Pacific territories. The incident also generated increased interest in missionary work and improving the working conditions of labourers in Melanesia.

Despite Patteson’s untimely and tragic death, the church he created in the South Pacific remains strong to this day. Christians in Melanesia still revere Patteson as a martyr, many regarding his family home and churches in Devon as places of pilgrimage.

Patteson’s Way was officially opened by The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby in September 2021, the 150th anniversary of Patteson’s martyrdom. The route begins and ends at St Andrew’s Church, Feniton, beside the Patteson family grave. It then winds through to Alfington’s St James and St Anne Church, heading on to Ottery St Mary and St Mary’s Church, which has a Melanesian chapel. Looping back to Feniton, the route passes the impressive stone monument, Patteson’s Cross, which was refurbished in 2016.

The legacy of Patteson lives on in both East Devon and the South Pacific. Why not tread the beautiful pilgrimage route yourself and reflect on a remarkable life?

Source HERE

Wednesday, November 08, 2023


1. This is a Phase.

Tough times are just a phase. They don't last forever. Life is a cycle of highs and lows. Remember, this too shall pass. You're in the middle of the storm now, but clear skies are ahead. Hold on.

2. You Are Stronger Than You Think.

Never underestimate your resilience.
- You've survived 100% of your bad days.
- Inside you, there is an inner strength.
- Your potential is greater than any problem.
Remember, you're stronger and more capable than you believe.

3. Small Steps Count.

Progress isn't always a leap forward. Sometimes it's tiny, almost imperceptible steps. Each step, no matter how small, brings you closer to your goal. Celebrate every bit of progress. Slow and steady can still win the race. Keep moving forward.

4. Remember Your 'Why'.

Think back to the reasons why you started. Reconnect with your motivation and your goals.

5. Failure is a Stepping Stone.

It's okay to fall but it's important to rise again. Every setback brings learning opportunities. Remember, every great success story involves overcoming obstacles. Keep going. Your story is being written.

6. Practice Self-Care.

Self-care is essential, especially during tough times.
- Eat nutritious food
- Exercise regularly
- Get adequate sleep
- Connect with loved ones
- Engage in activities that bring joy.
It’s not selfish, it's survival. Your well-being matters.

7. It's Okay to Ask for Help.

Remember, you're not alone in this journey.
- Reach out to friends, family, or professionals
- Open up about your struggles
- Seek support when you need it
Strength isn't just about enduring in silence. It's also knowing when to ask for help.
To my friends and readers, Fight for yourself. No matter how difficult it becomes, never let yourself give in. After some time, your spark will eventually return. You will come out happier, healthier, and wiser. We are in this together.

Thursday, October 26, 2023

The live in a period of rapid change

The NationalOctober 27, 2023

WE live in a period of rapid change, of infusion of cultures and technologies totally foreign to our Melanesian ways of old.

But the old ways are foreign to us today as we fight to adapt to the new ways.

The new ways, ours now for the keeping, are also of foreign origin but much time and effort must be invested before we even sniff at something close to familiar.

Confusion abounds in every aspect of our livesz

We know not enough of our past, we know not enough of our present age and the future is a hazy horizon.

Our life is too short. The first 20 years we try to catch some education.

The next thirty we raise a family and try to earn a living.

The final 20 years is spent wondering what happed to the last 50 years.

Death often arrives in the nick of time to stop us going stark raving mad.

No. We do not allow ourselves much time to appreciate our conditions properly.

Much would be different today if we were more supportive to each other and as a nation.

Much would be achieved if we sought to help build rather than tear down with vitriolic criticisms.

Imagine a fast flowing river. On one bank lies the Melanesia of yesterday.

On the other side lies the modern PNG of our Vision 2050.

The present hangs suspended as a bridge over this bridge. Above is fathomless space. Below rushes the tumultuous currents of river Time.

About 10 million plus people are on this bridge.

We glance back at the past in time to hear the foundations of our bridge on that side groaning under our combined weight.

Nuts and bolts are already coming unstuck.

We are hardly doing enough to support the foundations there. Looking ahead we see the foundations on the future bank coming under similar stress.

We mill around confused wondering whether to go support the foundations of the past or the future.

Bewildered we try one approach and then discard it before it has time to work and try another and then another.

We change governments too often, introduce too many laws and introduce too many policies.

What we lack is how to implement our laws and policies, make them work.

Often we think we have it right but it is obvious we do not have it.

We are our own worst enemies, criticising all and sundry.

Our national life is littered with the corpses of still born pipe-dreams and unhatched policies.

We are high on criticism and opposition, low on support and praise.

All structures, if they are to endure, need firm foundations. Knowledge based foundations are the best of these.

What is required is knowledge based approach to secure the foundations of our bridge on both banks.

We must know our past to appreciate who we truly are. We must know what we want and how best to secure what we desire.

Drink deeply at the fountain of knowledge, for it is there you will find the wherewithal to deal with our past and our future.

Instruct children to appreciate their cultural heritage, to speak their language at the same time as they learn math and science.

Modern nations are today most attractive because they keep their cultural heritage intact and on display.

It is what makes them unique.

PNG is a beautiful country of much diversity.

As we race off into the future, do it with a firm grip upon our cultural heritage.

We must remember who we are. Who we are!

Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Subject: Notice of Complaint and Request for Investigation


I am writing to express my deep concern regarding what appears to be a recurring issue with my Visa transactions at BSP. I believe there has been a consistent pattern of erasing Visa transactions, followed by double deductions which has left me and potentially other customers confused and frustrated.

I have noticed discrepancies in my account statements where certain Visa transactions seem to have been omitted or erased, only to be followed by double deductions for the corresponding transaction. This has caused significant confusion, inconvenience, and financial hardship for me. Additionally, I have found it extremely difficult to validate my complaints with the statements provided, as they have been altered or partially erased.

I strongly believe that such practices amount to deceiving your customers and go against the principles of transparency, trust, and fair business practices. I am reaching out to express my concerns and request a thorough investigation into these matters. It is my hope that you take this issue seriously and take the necessary steps to rectify and prevent such occurrences from happening in the future.

I kindly request the following:

A comprehensive investigation into the erasing and double deduction of Visa transactions, along with an explanation for these errors.

A clear and concise response addressing my concerns and outlining the actions taken to rectify the situation.

Prompt reimbursement for any irregular charges incurred due to these errors.

Improved transparency in providing accurate and unaltered account statements to customers.

Assurance that measures will be put in place to prevent similar incidents in the future.

We would appreciate a timely response regarding this matter. It is our sincere hope that our correspondence can lead to a resolution, ensuring fairness and trust between both parties.

We also intend to escalate this issue to the appropriate regulatory authority if necessary, in order to protect the rights and interests of all affected customers. However, we hope it doesn't come to that and we can resolve this matter amicably.

Thank you BSP team for your attention to this matter. We look forward to a prompt response.

Yours sincerely,



Wednesday, August 02, 2023

Airileke: Melanesian Multi-Talented Musician

Airileke is an artist who has worn many creative hats across his decades-long career.

The Papua New Guinea-Australian grew up with the rhythms of his ancestry built into his upbringing. A talented percussionist, Airileke's connection with culture was intertwined with music from a young age, and became a career as he entered young adulthood.

The years that followed have seen him perform and tour with many globally recognised names including Drum Drum, Telek and members of Sanguma Band; as well as indigenous Australian pioneers including Yothu Yindi, Bart Willoughby and Gurrumul. As his artistry continued to galvanise, so too did Airi's love for fusing contemporary and progressive music, with the traditional Melanesian rhythms and beats that had raised him. Powerful messaging via music became an early driving force of Airi's creative pursuits.

Since 2016, Airi has been working on music and touring with the group Sorong Samarai – a collective of talented musicians and performers from the West Papua / Papua New Guinea regions, united in their drive to celebrate their culture, and bring more awareness about these great peoples, to a global audience.

Airileke takes Sosefina through his career in music and production for this week's show.