Friday, April 08, 2022

I am waiting for the time PNG Declares West Papua as Her Ancestral Land

I am, and I know all communities of beings in this isle of New Guinea, are waiting for the time PNG Declares West Papua as Her Ancestral Land. The reason is simple: this land and island belongs to Melanesians, and not Malays.

The second reason is that God created Melanesians to live in New Guinea Island and not the Malays. It is not God's will that Indonesians are occupying West Papua, the half of all Melanesians home of origin. 

The third reason is that there is nobody in the whole planet every invited and accepted, legalized and approved Indonesian occupation over West Papua. The United Nations ONLY "Took Note" of the outcome of the Act of Free Choice in 1969 in West Irian. The United Nations knew very well right from the beginning that Indonesia violated all arrangements made in the New York Agreement 1962.

The last reason is that many Melanesians, many New Guinean Islanders, who share the same ancestors, homeland and race with Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Fiji, Vanuatu and Kanaky are right now being killed. More than 500,000 Melanesians in West Papua have been killed so far, mostly women and children. Many are displaced and took refugee in Papua New Guinea, in Manus, in Kiunga, in Vanimo, in Port Moresby, in Madang and in Lae.

We Melanesians are all originated from New Guinea Island. We started inhabiting Melanesian archipelago starting from West Papua. Our place of origin is right now being occupied. Our brothers and sisters are being wiped out from our ancestral land called New Guinea Island, in the western part of New Guinea.

Papua New Guinea is morally, spiritually, socially, culturally obliged and therefore responsible to declare West Papua as part of her own land, her own country, her own inheritance. Papua New Guinea is also politically and legally responsible to revoke the undemocratic and illegal occupation of West Papua by illegal colonialists who have come to steal, rob, kill and wipe out Melanesians from our ancestral land, which in some hundred years time, will also wipe out all PNG and her populations, which in hundreds of years time, will wipe out all Melanesians.