Friday, January 14, 2022

Kina Bank: I Smell Something Not Good Inside the System

After almost one year I got this problem, I am able to push myself to come out and speak about some bad smell coming out from the banking system inside the Kina Bank. I am writing this experience in order to help other customers join with me and express our position to the government and to Kina Bank.

First of all, I want to explain to you why I opened my bank account at Kina Bank, and what happened at the beginning.

Well, I opened my Kina Bank Account in 2019 and it was very good that it had a very fast service. I opened my first Kina Bank Account at Vision City Branch and I found out that this is the fasted banking service of all Papua New Guinea.

It is good thing, I was proud to become one of the customers of the fastest banking service available in the country.

However, only after February 17th, 2021 I had the worst experience in my banking life. 

My bank account was hacked into, and taken over by someone in India. His name is Ashraf Mansoori with these two emails: and

One very interesting question for me is this. There is an insider email, inserted by the server. It is This email is totally an alien email, inserted by foreign invisible hands. I blame for the Internet Service Provider for the Banking System at Kina Bank is responsible for such an act.

How come the Bank Internet server can insert an email address that have never been inputted by customers?

On 13 January, 2021, I heard a woman talking to a Kina Bank staff at Waigani Branch office of the same incident. She said, the email address when I want to make Visa Card Online Purchase will appear and the email is not my email. Can you please fix this ? She asked. 

I have asked the same question, but never been resolved. Once they told me they will fix it, I submitted my Customer Instruction Letter and submitted to Kina Bank Vision City, Counter 3 at the Customer Service Section, but never been changed.

I will continue in next article on what happened with my hacked account number. 

I have two conclusions so far:

  1. First of all, the Security System at Kina Bank Internet Banking is very, very weak, and all customers should put pressure on Kina Bank to change the Central Internet Protocol from gangsters controlling it into a more civilized service provider;
  2. Secondly, maybe there is someone inside Kina Bank that cooperate with those in Indonesia, to leak out customer information,  

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