Tuesday, January 18, 2022


There is no record of wealth creation on earth that a man drank beer or smoked his life out to incredible wealth and prosperity. NEVER! 

If you have then prove me wrong. Beer and smoke is associated with the spirit of Poverty. And I mean deep poverty. 

Binge or moderate, you still end up in the same square. You live short of your full potential and dream life. The best part is, it is an habit. (and) we can change from habits and it will take a strong will power to do it. If you aren't, sorry fullness of life is an illusion. 

The only reason alcoholics can argue here is, the feelings of false sensations that they've reached the top of the world, and beer makes life so rewarding and they have great friendship. Whilst that may have some essence, that is all temporal. 

The reality is, no one celebrates happy feelings in a life time. 

There is a time to be rich and poor, born and die, being friends and at war, healthy and diseased. All these came about as a consequence of our decisions each day. The better the good, the ugly from the bad. There's no two way about this. 

You don't harvest apples from planting weeds. This is the biggest weakness cultured into the norms of our society. It is a death trap. 

The social safety of our citizens are de-fabricated by the alcoholic behaviors of our youths who are supposed to be the most productive citizen class than our aged. Celebrating success is not about drinking beer. That is euphoria. Real and lasting success is quiet. 

The neighbors don't hear about it. Success is a lifestyle. If drinking beer is your success then your real rewards will be enjoyed by others. You're only a convenience for others' greatness. 

The real sense of poverty hits you when you wake up from a deep sleep after a beer moment. Who would be honest enough to deny? Never please your social status more than your hard work for real success. 

Life is meaningless if you don't have goals. The wisest King said,' it is vanity. It is like chasing the wind'. By humility and fear of the Lord are riches and honor and life. (Pr 22:4) Did it mention beer? Absolutely not! 

A life of humility and fearing the Lord brings riches, honor and good life. Pride amounts to nothing! Don't be a celebrity of temporal success and euphoria.

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