Friday, March 08, 2024

Strong and beautiful West Papuan women

A Poetry
For you:
"Strong and beautiful West Papuan women."

O West Papuan women..
If I hadn't told you that you were beautiful,
If I hadn't told you that your smile was beautiful,
Your dark skin is more beautiful than the night sky.

O West Papuan women..
Only you can understand,
What does it mean to be the queen of the West Papuan Nation,
What it means to be black, bold and beautiful.

O West Papuan women..
You've been boxed up to build your world right in the shadow of man,
And your gift,
They are buried with the umbilical cord of your unborn children.

You have worked in the fields and cooked food,
You have cared for the children and fed Husband,
You have become the backbone of this nation.

My dear West Papuan women,
You don't know who you are;
You are the light that shines in the darkness,
A beacon that restores hope to our hearts,
Source of strength and courage,
The embodiment of masculinity and femininity
The perfect creature.

You are more beautiful than a rose,
Your smile is like snow falling on a dry land,
Your eternal Afro is like the soft pillows of the clouds in the sky.

You gave birth in many skin tones;
Cream, Chocolate, Caramel, Mocha, Honey,
You are specially created by HIM.

You're sweeter than Oreos dipped in white milk,
You're warmer than hot chocolate in the dry season during a storm,
you are kindness,
you are grace,
You have no fear,
you are tough,
You're beautiful,
All wrapped up in one word "You are Special".

O West Papuan Women,
No matter where you are,
No matter how you think you look,
No matter how you see yourself,
You are a special gift to the world.

Rise up and make that change in the world,
Be that difference,
Hold your head up high like the queen was meant to be,
You are strong enough,
you are quite beautiful,
My dear West Papuan women,
You are very special.

"For you, West Papuan Mama.
To you all Black Mama Nation.
To you all the Mamas in the World."

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