Friday, January 12, 2024


Here is a simple explanation of actions the Marape Govt will take based on PM's national TV address yesterday. 

1. 500 police officers who led the protest will be investigated and possibly be criminally charged and terminated They will be replaced by new recruits currently at Bomana as well as thousands of unemployed graduates who wish to pursue that career path. Some cops will go to Bomana prison. This may apply to soldiers as well. 

2. Department Secretaries for Finance, Treasury and Personnel Management have been suspended including Police Commissioner Manning. 

3. Individuals who spread misinformation on social media and incited violence will be investigated, arrested and charged under Cyber crime laws. 

4. Sponsors of the protest will be arrested and charged. PMV buses were hired to transport hundreds of people around. 

5. An investigation into the role of public servants is led by Chief Secretary Pomaleu and Secretary of Justic Dr Kwa. 

6. Political rivals of Marape behind the protest in one way or another will be investigated, arrested and charged. The proper way to take change government is on the floor of parliament, not by sponsoring unrest. 

7. State of Emregnecy is declared for 2 weeks in Pom. Acting Police Commissioner Yamasombi is the SOE Controller. SOE gazette notice yet to be issued. Joint forces of police, army and CIS were out in full strength last night. Over 200 cars and hundreds of armed disciplined force members patrolling the City. 

8. PM did not mention anythihg about Looters and arsonists who were captured by media and social media so they may not be prosecuted. Police may not have resources to do so. 

9. PM previously advised that businesses that suffered loss will have tax concessions given so they can rebuild. 

10. Public servant pay that was over deducted will be credited back to their accounts next fortnight and will never be deducted again. 

By Des Yaninen, 7am, Friday 12 January 2024.

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