Saturday, July 22, 2023

New beginner-friendly Darkroom workshop in Tao Garden and online

Taoist Darkroom Retreat is the amazing 5000-year-old discovery of how total darkness coupled with energy meditations and intermittent fasting can deeply reset all your bodily systems, offer you physical and emotional rest like never before, supporting revitalization and healing process💫
Ancient Tao Masters came up with this technique by observing animals’ behavior: when an animal gets injured, it usually hides in a cave or any other dark place to heal its wounds and rebuild the body.
The same thing was observed with humans: people with mental or physical disorders got better or experienced a full recovery after spending some time in total darkness alone with their inner self and the Universe.
In fact, many spiritual traditions of the past have used the Darkroom technology to connect with the Universe within and without:
🔸Egyptians used the Darkrooms in the Pyramids to connect with other dimensions.
🔸The Essenes used the caves near the Dead Sea to reconnect with their hearts.
🔸The Himalayan Masters were using the dark caves of the mountains as places for ascension.
🔸The Hesychast Monks living in Mount Athos were using the caves to connect with the divine spirit.
So, what really happens in the Darkroom? When deprived of all visual reference, all your senses turn inwardly, and you descend into the void, deep, inner space, the cocoon of Nature’s original Darkness.
You discover deeply hidden, very intimate parts of inner self, and you get a chance to heal your wounds and traumas, get rid of fears and tensions.
Total darkness and meditations activate special centers of your brain — the glands of the Crystal Palace ― which allows you to access spiritual and psychic realms of consciousness, reuniting with your true self and Divinity within.
You literally start to conduct the universal energy. You may see into the past and future, understand the true meaning of existence, and begin to understand the order of things.
It is a very healing and life-changing experience🙏🏻
⭐️We are excited to tell you that this September Master Mantak Chia will hold a unique beginner-friendly Darkroom workshop in Tao Garden Resort (Thailand) and online. You can choose to join us for 4, 5 or 9 days. 

Book in Tao Garden with early bird:

Book online with early bird:

In Tao Garden this Retreat will take place in the unique Darkroom facility designed by Master Chia according to Taoist traditions. During the retreat, you will be completely free from any external light source and you will have 3 meals a day according to Taoist Pi Gu fasting diet.

On-site Darkroom has 45 places only!🔥

In case you join online, you will need to recreate Darkroom technology and Pi Gu at your place.
May the Qi be with you!🙏🏻

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