Thursday, February 23, 2023

Wantok system destroying societies

February 22, 2023The NationalLetters

THE negative facet of the wantok system has been equated to how malignant neoplastic disease destroys a society.

Bribery has become a major concern for the wantok system particularly in the modern society because makings and virtues are non every bit of import as earlier.

Equally long as people have money, they can acquire anything and everything that they want.

People do not even necessitate makings or virtues in order to happen occupations because every bit long as they know the right people and grease few officers, they can acquire their desired occupations.

In the past years, people had to labour in order to acquire what they wanted but nowadays money negotiations (Fagululu, 2000).

Another affair of great concern is how the wantok system has been misused as a political shield.

This is because a batch of political relations get in the manner of the patterned advance of a state.

Once it is incorporated with the system, it makes the politicians to go corrupt and mismanage public finances.

It is through this misused system that political parties appoint unqualified and unworthy persons to executive occupation places.

If political parties worked in alliance with the existent Wantok system, so the major end of functioning the State would be achieved effectively.

Mark Manavoe


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