Wednesday, June 08, 2022

Why My Kundu Kad and Visa Debit Card of BSP Do not Show my Account Balance?


I am following up my story yesterday, regarding Visa Debit Card and Banking System.

I want to a little bit correct my previous statement, that yes, BSP is doing so many changes, and I must admit, BSP is the biggest bank in the South Pacific and has done a lot of modernisation processes within the system. However, things that I am saying here are just to improve what have been achieved so far.

I did have a different perspective on BSP before I physically saw the administration system. I stated out of my surprise, because our people accept whatever BSP is doing without really looking into the things and look around the world, and realize that what we have here in PNG, even the most advanced technologies and systems here, are far 10 years minimum, and 20 years maxim, even behind what we find in Jayapura, the capital of Papua Province, on the other side of this Island of New Guinea.

I have come here again today, I was the first customer to be served, because I started lining up at the BSP Port Moresby Branch at downtown since 08:00AM. At 09:00AM, the security at the bank started opening the door and allowed us enter the bank. Then I sat, and the first one to be served.

I was convinced that my bank account has a problem, because I used my Kundu Kard and my Visa Debit card correctly with my PIN, but my account never displayed balance on the account. 

The staff, a young boy, stood and overheard what I was explaining to my daughter (I mean the BSP worker just looked like my own daughter back home). She did not understand very well, but that boy, a young BSP employee said to me, "Your problem is card problem, so let me bring the card machine!" Then he went in and pick up one EFTPOS machine.

He took my Visa Card and checked. He said, the card is OK, it is working well. 

Then he asked me to enter my PIN, then I entered. Then he said, "See, your balance is still there!"

Then he said, 

"You are pressing "SAVINGS" when it asked you to press at the machine, many people have done this so, please try again.

Then I tried, choosing "CHEQUE Account" instead of "SAVINGS" account as I have normally been doing with my Kina Bank Accounts. Then I successfully accessed the balance.


So, the problem was my ignorance, that, normally, automatically, when someone opens a bank account at BSP Bank all over in Papua New Guinea, then BSP opens a CHEQUE Account, not a Savings one. Therefore, please, all of you in this planet earth, be aware when you open a Bank Account in Papua New Guinea at BSP Branch, be sure that you select "CHEQUE Account" when accessing the account.

Thank you. God bless!

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