Tuesday, June 07, 2022

Very Interesting: Bank of South Pacific Is Still Using Last Century's Administrative System

I am not impolite to honestly and openly state that Bank of South Pacific Administrative System is still using last century's administrative system. One simple example can be seen at the Card (Kundu Card or Debit Visa Card) Issuing section, where, all cards are being enveloped, separated and kept in filing cabinet. So, when a BSP worker wants to deliver to a customer who came to collect Debit Visa Card, then the staff has to dig into the filling cabinet, one by one, finding the card that are already kept in envelopes.

It is not completely bad, but I am happy to see that the bank is not computerizing all activities. However, I can see a lot of things still being done OFFLINE and manually. Particularly customers details are being kept locally in each branch. No wander, some weeks before, I asked my son to get to BSP Bank to send money to a different bank account, but he was told that he should go to the branch where he opened the bank account because the other bank does not have the sample signature/ template signature that he had signed when opening the bank account. It means that when someone opens a bank account, a BSP bank account in Papua New Guinea, in vision City, then they ID card photos cannot be accessed in other branch building at all. That is very limiting, and surely frustrating.

It is limiting because every time I have to get to the branch office where I opened my bank account to do transfers, yes particularly transfers.

It is frustrating because we are right now in post postmodern era, in the 21st century. We are not in post modern. We are passed modern era. However, the banking system is still some 30 years behind? How come? 

Oh Yes, I have done the same thing with Kina Bank Vision City Brach and Waigani Branch cannot load photos or IDs uploaded in each branch. Luckily, I have accounts in both branches, therefore, when I deal with one in Vision City Account at Waigani Branch, then they will check my signature and IDs uploaded at their branch. However, to do transfer still should be done in the respective branch. This is also frustrating.

Anyway, I waited for more than 20 minutes, just in searching the debit visa card. After finding it, I did not achieve what I wanted to achieve. I must go to different counter to fix my Internet Banking PIN, which I then withdrew myself because I need to line up for 3-5 hours again to get to the counter. I was then given a Mobile Banking Form, not Internet Banking Form. Actually I wanted to fix my Internet Banking PIN, therefore, I did not use this form, I just exited.

I also wanted to create my BSP Pay account/ pin, however, they told me that I have to finalize my Internet Banking, which I could not do due to the time limit. 

I am going tomorrow morning, 9 June 2022, as early as 8:00 AM I will be standing at the entrance gate at the BSP POM Branch, downtown, or the first every BSP Office in the whole world, to follow up my case.

I pray now, right now is already 12:39 AM, that God will give me wisdom and patience to face all these, and win the battle, finally will get my account fixed, my Internet Banking running and my BSP Pay accoun tset.

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