Thursday, June 23, 2022

Once Again: Kina Bank Vision CIty Branch is the Fastest Bank Service Centre in Melanesia

Yes, I say in Melanesia, this particular branch office is the fastest because I have travelled to almost all Melanesian countries, except Bougainville and Kanaky. I have travelled to other Melanesian countries: West Papua, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Fiji and Vanuatu, and I have also happen to get to Bank for various transaction purposes. And from these experiences, I can confidently declare that Kina Bank Vision City Branch Office is the fastest service centre for banking in Melanesia.

Today, I just visited the office again. This time, I wanted three things: (1) To request a New Visa Debit Card for one of my accounts; (2) To request the opening of Online Banking for my company LTD and (3) to request CellMoni Kina Bank Account.

Numbers one and two were finalized within minutes, if not seconds, because this time a miracle happened, the boss of the branch office at Vision City actually invited me to serve me with my needs. This is how it happened, "I entered the office and lined up for customer service section, and waited for sometime, maybe an hour". I saw the boss was going out and coming in. He was certainly busy service some customers.

After getting into the office, he then opened the door. And, surely I did not know him, and I was not lining up to meet him, therefore, I sat there without glancing at him, facing towards the customer service, and his office door was right at my left-back side. 

He actually talked to me, asking me what services I wanted, but in some seconds I chose not to reply, because I knew well that I was not waiting for the boss, but for customer service. But then he spoke again, "Yes, come, how can I help you?"

I did not answer him for some seconds, because I was busy thinking about what made him invite me to his office. I realized that I did say something, some kind of prayer, so that my walk to the bank and come back be guided and protected. And in fact this was the outcome of my request, and also in some respect my command to my guardian angels.

Surely, I got VIP service. Mind you, the whole operations here are fast, but now become fastest, because the boss quickly and smoothly helped me issuing my Visa Debit Card and registered my Online / Internet Banking for my company.

I am back home here, typing this Good News. 

My purpose of writing this note is that I invite those of you out there, who want to do banking activities, please flood into Kina Bank Vision City Branch. I will proof to you, in PNG or across Melanesia, that this is the fastest bank office across Melanesia.

Definitely, I know the fastest in the world is Hong Kong, maybe fastest in all areas of services, but particularly banking services in Hong Kong is the fastest worldwide. But for Melanesia, Kina Bank Vision City Branch is the one to come and proof it yourself. Robert Oeka says, "Yu yet kam na lukim", so mi yet tok-tok seim kain, "Yu yet kam na prufim!"

PS: I am sorry, I actually thought about taking picture of both of us in his office, but then I thought it was ethically impolite so I kept the thought myself and it is with me now here.

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