Monday, June 13, 2022

Homosexuals Have No Place in Melanesian PNG

By: Tabe Jugari TJ

Not long ago during our fathers' days, the males were secluded to certain functions and rituals in the society. The same applied for the womenfolk. Men were trained and tested to be strong, both physically emotionally. The males lived in the men's house and were restricted from visiting the women's house except for the married men to visit their wives for mating purposes. 

There was a strong division between the two sexes, physically and emotionally, as well as their respective tribal and family responsibilities. In the men's house, core values of manhood were passed down from the elderlies to young ones, including the duty to carry on the generation. And that is how our race was brought forward for thousand years to date. For generations, there has never been a gay, girlish guy, or any sort of 'in-between' humans that existed among men. One was define from birth as either male or female, and they automatically inherited their respective  functions in the society as they grew older. One of men's primary function was to reproduce and preserve this race that we now identify ourselves as Papua New Guineans. 

But today, maybe because of the climate change (as some call it), or for some scientific reasons, we somehow have these 'half-male-half-female persons', 'female trapped in male body' , or what you call homosexual or 'gays' born into our society. 

And the society seems to be cool with it.  Not long ago, the former member for Sumkar, this white fellow Ken Fairweather once pushed for a same sex legislation in Parliament but was rejected by many. 

I'd like to think that homosexuality  amongst others (natural law, Christian principles, legally etc), is a violation of our Melenasian culture. Our race was not preserved for many years by the practice of homosexuality. Rather, our core values and principles of manhood, our foremost duty to reproduce had brought us this far, and now we have 8 million of our kind living on this land. 

I think homosexual should be condemned in PNG, even to an extent where those practicing it must be harassed and threatened. I don't think stigmatising a homosexual is a wrong, rather it's simply a reminder of our Melenasian values and norms, our roots. If we allow this in our society, it will lead to same sex marriage. 

PNG has no place for gays and lesbians or the so called LGBTs.



WANTOKS: We all Melanesians know that half-male and half-female comes from Blood Mixing. Those parents married to very related or one-line blood, that is why this happens. This is the reason our Melanesian culture teaches us moiety system, where clans are paired, and marriage inside the same clan groups are not allowed. What happened today? We have wiped out our clan names, and started using our biological father's name, finally by identity we already become half-male, half-female, because look around, those girls born from the father Joseph, now become Catharine Joseph, for example. We are confusing ourselves, by blood and by identity. 

Let us fix it, fix the Nakamal/ Haus Tambaran/ Nasara/ Kunu/ Haus Man, then this very house will fix the rest.

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