Thursday, June 16, 2022

God's System is WANTOK System, My System is Wantok System Too


Wantok System is commonly regarded by westerners or modernists as a bad system that should be wiped out from across Melanesia and all Melanesians are encouraged to get rid of "Wantok System" in governing our lives.

The Reality

I want to make a bold and clear statement to those haters of "Wantok System" that 

  1. Wantok System is God created system, as it is used to run our daily lives. Therefore, those who want to run other than life should not think or speak against God-created system, therefore we call it "Godly System". Therefore, those who are against Wantok System are un-Godly minded people, who love human made system to operate in their lives.
  2. Wantok System is God's own system in running His Kingdom today and tomorrow. The first and fundamental principle is that God operates based on relations, not merits. Modern mind and system operate based on merits, whereas God operates on relations. Operations based on merits aimed at optimizing productivity. The end result of productivity is maximizing profit. The profit here is material profit, bodily economic gains, and earthly pleasure. 

    This is why human beings are called "human resources". Human beings are not treated as God's created being in His own image.

    God does not see and treat human beings as resources. He sees and treats us as His own sons and daughters. And in this relation, what He wants to see as an end product is our submission to His power and authority, to glorify His name. Merit is the keyword in modern mind, but relation is the keyword in God's mind.
  3. Wantok System operates not to bring economic or capital benefits. Wantok System the others around us as fellow human beings, as brothers, sisters, uncles, fathers, mothers, grandparents, leaders. Other people are not those you can use to gain financial benefits,

    Yes, there is ego in play in community, but the ego in Wantok System is reflected to collective ego, start communally. Even thought this can be acted individually, but the end result is mostly expected towards collective interests, needs and wants. It is not possible to separate "I or Me" from "We or Us". Likewise, we don't appreciate and value individuals as singular, but within collective values and identities.
When Wantok System is in operation, the main focus will be to maintain the relationship. It is reciprocal relationship and balance that become focus and priority. When there is no balance, then the individuals and elders will soon fix it. The balance is maintained with the law of reciprocal relationship.

Balance then produces harmony. Harmony means everything is in balance. Or in other words, the reciprocal relationships is happening according to the Laws of Nature.

When we take this Wantok System into modern system, then of course and definitely, there will be problems because we are trying to operate God's Operating System within Human made system.

No wander Wantok System is widely attacked across Melanesia.

Mind you, please go to the Melanesian person, particularly so-called leaders within the government, military, police or political parties and hear them speaking. They do attach Wantok System as the system that bring about nepotism and collusion that bring about corruption in mindset, talks and actions in offices and public affairs.

I want to openly and boldly speak against this kind of mindset and statement, that the problem here is you are mixing up the two systems. Wantok System should be applied in running lives, whereas modern system be applied in running businesses (public, private).

Then you might ask, "What about Wantok System within the government?"

My answer is that we have a choice at this generation to choose, whether we want to run our government and businesses within God's system, or within modern earthly system. In other words, do we run our governments and businesses for the people, or do we run our government and businesses for generating and accumulating financial profits. What is the purpose of our independence: to generate more money or to help our the people? What is the purpose of running our governments: to serve foreign interests or to serve our own peoples' interests.

One thing to remember is that we can mix God's System with human system, but we cannot mix human system with God's system, because the purpose of God's system is above the purpose of human's system. 

Should we apply God's system within our government and business organizations?

Yes, we can and we must. 

The most important principle to remember is that we are born naked, owning nothing, and we will die naked leaving everything, including our own body will be left empty.

Therefore, running our lives in families, in businesses and in governments should be mindful that what I am doing, what we are doing have direct and indirect consequences to others, because we exist in relation to and with others. We do not exist without others. And we cannot exist without others. We will never existed without others. 

Therefore, whatever I do here. in this life should be based upon this understanding, that life is not about money, the work in this life is not about merits, this life is not about productivity and work performance, but it is truly about how I am in this life relating to the other person nearby or surrounding and those others in this world. If I see them as resources that I can use, then I am putting myself less than human, I am operating in my earthly operating system. If I am viewing and treating them as my own "wantoks" in my office, workplace, political party, contingent, club,  business, company, then I am operating in God's System.

Operating in God's system means viewing and treating equally and reciprocally, looking for value in life than money for life.

IF you ask me to forget Wantok System in my modern office, I will ask those politicians fighting against Wantok System but they allow and even fund and campaign for their own wives, sons and daughters to campaign to become Members of Parliament. IF you ask me to hate Wantok System, you are telling me to love the world and hate Godly system. 


I know that I am talking a big issue here, therefore, I cannot complete everything here. I am also starting to formulate, therefore, this is the first ever note I am writing on this topic. I will formulate and analyze more and then come back.

What I want you to see as takeaway after leaving this note are
  1. That Wantok System and Modern System cannot be conflicted, or compared, because they are separate and different operating systems to run human lives;
  2. The function and use of Wantok System is for running life, and the function and use of modern system is for running activities to generate income, financial income.
  3. That I am here to defend Wantok System at any cost, for the sake of humanity, particularly for Melanesia-hood, because I know that hating Wantok System is very closely related to hating Melanesian peoples (individuals and groups)

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