Monday, February 07, 2022

Kina Bank how are you and what are you doing with my Fixed Deposits?

Kina Bank WHERE IS my two fixed deposit accounts.certificates? I have the account numbers with me applied for certificate but for a year now where's is my certificate of fixed deposit, please?

It started in February 17, 2021, when my Internet banking was hacked into, and someone in Madras India was using my account to make transfers.

I reported to Kina Bank since then, showing my fixed deposit numbers, my three accounts and I managed to stop the money from being remastered out.

Interestingly my email accounts were also hacked so this guy was using my name asking Kina Bank to transfer money out.

I praise Kina Bank for very careful system being laid inside there. I am proud of it.

However I am now doubting what Kina Bank is really doing with my Fixed Deposits, two accounts ever since.

When I was Meeting the Kina Bank Internet security or banking Section they told me money inside fixed deposit are there. She even printed out the existing balance in my savings and fixed deposit accounts.

She asked me to fill in the form then she will issue the certificate for me. It was I February 18, 2021

Today I am writing this story on 8 February 2022, after I read advertisement of kina Bank at Facebook saying it is easy and it is save
i supplied regrets in one of the facebook postings and Kina Bank did respond saying someone will email me.

2 weeks later someone emailed me asking me to fill out the form and submit to her by Email THAT VERY SAME FORMS as I already submitted. I did not but instead I went to bank in late 2021, December 2021.

This time was a different person, a third different person. The first was, second and this time are all women. 

She asked me, "do you want your fixed deposit 1 month, 3 month or 1 year term?' I know this was badly a wrong question but I answered: 3 months term. Well by the time I applied at the beginning time, I did choose and determine the terms time, but why is she asking?

A month from it now, no certificate yet issued.

Kina Bank how are you and what are you doing with my Fixed Deposits?

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