Saturday, February 26, 2022

Governor Gary Juffa on West Papua, Papua New Guinea and Ukraine, and Wewo Kotokay's Response

Gary Juffa's Statement on Facebook

Meanwhile I have a Melanesian question..

Any invasion of a nation will have strong concerns and opinions from various perspectives, everyone agrees. 

What I am curious about is the deafening silence from the same countries expressing grave concerns about the invasion of Ukraine who have said nothing about the invasion of West Papua. 

West Papua was invaded by Indonesia in 1962 where it is estimated more than 700,000 West Papuan Melanesians have died to date. 1st October 1962 to be precise. Illegal military occupation continues as we speak. 59 years and 4 months to be exact.

A sham of a referendum was held under the supervision of the UN in 1969, it was ironically labelled The Act of Free Choice. Here 1025 Melanesian elders were forced and intimidated with threats of extreme violence to vote on behalf of an entire peoples of more than 2 million to remain with Indonesia despite their desire otherwise. It was actually an “Act of No Choice”. 

And why were no other adult eligible voters allowed to vote and only 1025 adults chosen to represent an entire population of more than 2million with certainly more voters than just 1025 adult elders? This was a most unusual and perhaps undemocratic “Referendum”.

Almost every Western nation was there to witness this. Real information and reports of this awful act of brutal apathy are recorded if one cares to look. Extreme silence was the order of the day and days following, it seems. 

For 59 years and 4 months.

What is the difference between our fellow Melanesians in West Papua and the good citizens of Ukraine may I ask? 

Why is there no global condemnation and no prayers and no concerns raised for West Papua? What is happening in West Papua has evolved beyond an invasion to a full scale genocide of a people. 
Why is there not a single mention in western media about our Melanesian and Pacific people? Is it because we are an inferior people? Is it because they are not the right color or ethnicity to warrant concern by global authorities? 

Whatever it is, can someone in a position of authority please provide an answer to my Melanesian question?

Wewo Kotokay's Reseponse

Dear Mr. Gary Juffa, I Pray that Hon. Juffa will be as strong and as openly as Gov. Powes Parkop asks the concerned ministers in Papua New Guinea parliament and express this concern you are putting on Facebook into right place, to the right persons, in order to get the right response. 

 Otherwise, people will think this kind on note is only coming because of political agenda in this year of General Elections. I pray that God gives you bravery and confidence just like Governor Powes Parkop to speak openly, clearly, directly and confidently. Before that, I want Governor Juffa to dedicate some hectares of land for West Papua Refugees in Oro Province and call it West Papua town, and again, as Governor Powes Parkop has done. 

 I am a human being, born here in this planet Earth, on the Isle of New Guinea, to defend the rights of all communities of beings, including those in West Papua.

In a broader sense, we Melanesians do not have the gut and mind power and self-image on ourselves. We always look at ourselves based on images produced and given to us by colonial masters. We are looking at ourselves as West Papuans, Papua New Guineans, Solomon Islanders, Fijians, ni-Vanuatu and New Caledonian. We are not treating the problem in West Papua as our Melanesian problem, our problem in this Isle of New Guinea. We are looking at things based on the eyes and images of colonial masters. We are not free in our mind, perspectives and views on our own self. That is why when Americans say Ukraina is a problem, those divided and fragmented Melanesians also see and say the same. When they do not say anything about problems in Melanesia, are follow suit. 

Wake-up Melanesia! Get-up Melanesia! Stand-up Melanesia! Speak the Truth!, with no fear! Without hesitation! Raise Beyond Fear! Defeat the Devils and his kingdom called "Indo-nesia"

Others' Responses

You would think USA the so called World Police and the self proclaimed liberator of people would support the plight of the West Papuans but sadly it has nothing to gain from this exercise but has alot to gain from siding and arming Ukraine against Russia all for Wealth and Geopolitical power.

Yes, exactly, it's because the UN had then decided the fate of our fellow Melanesians,, the corporate world only care about resources. Long live West Papua n they will one day prevail. Merdeka Papua

29th September 1962, the UN Secretary General U Thant had made a private deal with Pakistan in May 1962 to supply the UN force that would occupy West New Guinea. In April 1962 the Secretary General got legal advice advising that irrespective what he & Indonesia wanted to call it, would be an exercise of article 81 (Trusteeship) of the Charter of the United Nations and therefore he needed General Assembly (article 85) authorisation of the proposed UN actions in the 'Bunker plan' a.k.a. 'New York Agreement'

Powerfully said Governor GJ. We need support our fellow brothers n sisters in West Papua. Permission to share please.


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  1. Sunny Johnston*F

    Well said ! Thank you so much Governor Gary Juffa .

    Over here in Australia for a long time , I have been crying over the horror of Indonesia's continuing mass genocide on the West Papuan people , yet our tv screens and newspapers, and our politician mouths are only ever full of what is happening half a world away.

    If the distance between northern Australia and West Papua, were to be measured like a car on an Australian freeway, it would be less than a 3 hour drive . That is a very short driving time. West Papua is so close to us, and yet most of our politicians' mouths appear to be sealed shut, with that evil Lombok Treaty.

    On the various tv channel posts etc, online about Ukraine, the more people that can write questains about why is West Papua not being spoken of, the better . 🙏 Keep bringing West Papua out for all to see , brothers and sisters.