Monday, September 06, 2021

Happy Father's day Chief Okuk

Happy Father's day Chief, I wish you were here so I can say that to you face to face😞

You left us on the 14th of November 1986 exactly 35 years have pasted, thats 1825 weeks or 12775 days ago, and going on 18396000 minutes and counting, since we last spoke on your death bed...😞

At 9 and 10 years of age Carl and I did not really grasp the reality of what our family was experiencing, but we lived through it and it's history now.

We have grown into men listening to all the stories of your political exploits and patriotism. We understood many years after you had passed away why you were hardly at home. Today we spend more time with our kids because of that FYI.

You have left big shoes to fill...and we know we will never fill them... but that won't stop us from making an attempt come 2022.


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