Friday, October 04, 2019

Aksi Peduli Wamena, Warga Solo Minta Senjata Polisi Untuk Berangkat Ke P...

Melanesians in West Papua are not just facing Indonesian nationalists, but more scary, they are facing Muslim extremists who want to see "one Indonesia as Muslim country". It should be clear for everyone in the world that Indonesian clerics and political mainstream actually advocate the creation of an Islamic State of Indonesia. Only western interests are stopping them to do so. It is clear with that they ware doing in West Papua. Melanesian nationalists who are fighting for identity and dignity as human beings are now challenged by Islamic militants in the names of Mujaheddin, ISIS, Barisan Nusantara, BANSER.

Their long-term goal is to create "Pan Indonesia" State starting from Malay Peninsula to the Solomon Islands. They want to see these Pan Indonesia as an Islam State. They want to see Melanesians are wiped out. If not, they want to see all Melanesians become Muslims. Look at what is happening in West Papua, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Fiji, Vanuatu and New Caledonia. Look at what is happening in Wamena right now.

They have un-believers, who are non-Muslims. They are saying "give us weapons, we want to go to West Papua and kill those rebels who are Christians and monkeys".

What are we Melanesians waiting for? Why do we think West Papua issue is a "sensitive issue"? while they are already touching our collective identity as human beings? Are we mentally enslaved? Are we terrorized by their tricks and money politics?

The truth will force us to surrender to the reality, whatever politics and diplomatic codes we are playing now. Our future generations will curse our way of thinking and our actions if we do not act now for the sake of our own human dignity created in God's image.

We need Christian crusaders! the Real crusaders! We need Melanesian revolutionaries, those who respect their own identity and ready to defend our identity as created by God.

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