Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Kina Bank Vision CIty has Issued my Business SME Account but Kina Bank Waigani Pending Issuing my 2 Fixed Deposit Certificates

Yes, my title is right and true, 

"Kina Bank Vision City has Issued my Business SME Account but Kina Bank Waigani Pending Issuing my 2 Fixed Deposit Certificates"

(What I mean by Kina Bank Waigani is the bank office opposite to Holiday Inn.)

It has taken more than 1 year now, almost 20 months, my 2 Fixed Deposit Accounts, which I hold my deposit account number, printed with total amount exactly as I deposited printed on it.

The question for me is this, "Why the same bank, and in the same city, and in capital city, but operate in two different and separate culture and work ethics?

I know organizational culture, how the culture is formed, and what make this look like it now. I heard a lot about the theory of change in relation to organisational culture. Based on this, I can see the culture of serving and work ethics of those in Waigani Office, Opposite of Holiday Inn Hotel have not yet changed. I am guessing, and almost certain, that all of the staff at this office are from a previous bank, that has merged into or to become Kina Bank. In comparison, Kina Bank Vision City as brand-new all-Kina-Bank workers, they have vibrant and new energy. Everybody just standing by, even walking by the office inside the building will feel, there is Kina Bank, and this is a good office, good energy, good vibration.

On the opposite is what you see at the other office I am referring to. You feel really like you are entering into a hospital queue or airline ticket office, by queuing and by the workers inside greet you and follow up your request you will certainly feel that you have entered a government office atmosphere, not really a bank, let alone a commercial bank.

The outcome is clear, well at least for me. Well, at least I speak for my own personal experience and personal lesson. It is that my fixed Deposits at the Waigani Office are not being processed because they staff or bankers working there are not serving, they are there to be served. Or else, they do not know what they are supposed to do, or worse, they do not know what to do to solve such a problem.

I have phoned the office. I have visited the office, with this one and only request: Issue my Fixed Deposits Certificates. Three times, they told me to wait. And I am waiting still. This is already 20 months. After 4 months from now, then it will be 2 years, or 24 months, times how many days, times how many hours these people work in bank carry out their jobs.

What is left for me to do is JUST PRAY, and while praying to God, Jesus Christ, I write this report in my own blog. I am petitioning God to do something. I have petitioned the bank 3 times, and will phone them and visit them, but before that I write this note here in this blog. Then I will pray, ....... that is all I can do.....and surely....I have to do...

WHILE complaining to God and to Kina Bank about this, at least I have to thank God that my Kina Business Account for my Company PAPUAmart.com LTD has been set up, and I am looking forward to receive other facilities available to run a fully PNG (100%) PNG Owned company focused on Online Business (Netpreneurship in Melanesia)

I am looking forward to see what Kina Bank will offer, particularly with Vision City Branch of Kina Bank, to support my 
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