Saturday, May 14, 2022

INSTANT, Yes... AGAIN.... INTSTANT Issuing of Visa Card at Kina Bank, Vision City Branch

I have stated my frustration and complain against very late issuing of my Visa Card at Kina Bank Waigani Branch, Port Moresby Papua New Guinea. I said there that I telephoned and even IN boxed them on Facebook Messenger, and they expressed their regret and promised to fix it, but on all occasions they failed.

  1. It took me almost 1 year waiting for my visa card, which was then stolen a few months later on 1 December 2021.
  2. I has taken me almost 2 years now, after I submitted my Application Forms for issuing two Fixed Deposits that I already deposited some years back.
 Well, that is the bad news.

But there is a good news. That is the title of this note.

The good news is that Kina Bank, particularly Kina Bank Vision City Branch is the fastest bank in delivering services in all Papua New Guinea:

  1. The fastest in organising customers coming in
  2. The fastest in serving the Deposit/ Witdrawal section
  3. The fastest in issuing Visa Debit Card, and once more
  4. The fastest in opening Kina Bank SME Business Accouunt


Please note, I am writing based on my personal experience. None of the above 4 fastest ones are based on stories, but all based on my personal story. And again, please note, the experience I am talking here is not ones from some months ago, but something I just experienced within the first and second week of May 2022.


So, the reason I am writing this note is twofold. The first being to educate public in Papua New Guinea, who are doing banking activities that when you come to Kina Bank Vision City, I assure you that you will definitely get the fastest services every across Papua New Guinea.

The world's fastest delivery country is surely Hong Kong, then Singapore. Others follow far behind. And Papua New Guinea is the first one from bottom. Everything seems stay still, even though things are happening.

When you go to Kina Bank Waigani Branch, you will get very late and slow services. I am sorry to say this, but I cannot help stay back and do nothing about this.

I do not want to compare with the competitor bank, which has the longest queue in the whole world. And I want to say, that I did open a new account, applied for Internet Banking and Visa Card, but they told me to come a week later. I went back, then they told me to come another week again. They told me this after I had waited for almost 4 hours. Remember, I went there 7:AM even before that bank was opened. I was among the first customers lined up, but got the service almost 4 hours later.


So, my second purpose of writing this note is that Government officials, particularly Customer Service, Public Service Delivery Section or Banking Authorities should step in and help us speeding up the services delivery and help us experience what is the meaning of being citizens of an independent state called Papua New Guinea, let alone, the Richest Black Christian Nation on Earth, which I am sorry to say, but I am very embarrassed to hear this way of thinking.

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